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How to Find the Most Comfortable Mattress for the Mom to Be?

When a woman is pregnant, her body goes through rapid changes, which affect their sleep cycle and may lead to chaos. Being pregnant is a blissful and exciting experience, but besides, it comes with a lot of challenges, emotionally and physically. This includes sleep experience.

Why stick on an old and uncomfortable mattress that is making trouble during pregnancy? This is the time to look for a bed that is more comfortable and suitable especially for the women that are pregnant and hope this guide will help everyone to select the desired mattress for the mom to be.

The link between Pregnancy and Lack of Sleep

Sleep is considered as the most critical factor in ensuring good health for pregnant women and their babies. Pregnant women might feel exhausted through their trimester, which signals they need loads of quality and relaxation sleep.

Pregnancy may also cause regular wakefulness due to the need to empty the bladder or urinate. Pregnancy can wreak havoc on your hormones that can lead to insomnia. Leg cramps or restless leg syndrome get more severe during pregnancy. There are many aches here and there because of the stretching of muscles and ligaments that are taxing when pregnant.

Things to Look for in a Mattress for Pregnancy

Memory Foam and/or Latex -- Physicians suggest pregnant women for sleeping on their sides. This is excellent news for women who already side sleepers. Memory Foam layers or a mix of memory and latex foam may provide that comfortable and soft surface favorable for a good night sleep. A pocket coil or an innerspring mattress modal might be a great option and also for the support they provide, but may not be comfortable.

Cool Surface – Mattress with cooling features can be the best choice as most woman sleep hot during pregnancy. Gel foams or other cooling technology can allow cooling down and having rest in warm weather.

Medium Firmness -- Some women get up and urinate lots of times at night, which calls for a medium firm choice. Though a super soft model is plush and comfortable, this won't provide support if someone will need to get up from the bed. Their body will have a tendency to sink into it that makes it hard for them to get up and move to the toilet when they need. A medium firm mattress is going to have the ideal density level to offer support and comfort that a pregnant mom requires.

Motion Isolation -- Frequent Wakefulness can be a problem when you share the bed with a spouse. Avoid sleep disturbance using a model which has weight distribution and also motion isolation attributes.

More things to Consider

Here are the things to you need to know for buying the best mattress for an expected mom:

Sleeping position: The bed you are going to purchase should be able to offer comfort and body support. The level of satisfaction depends on the way of sleeping. If someone is back sleeper, the recommended mattress is moderate to firm. While side sleepers love soft mattress, medium firmness is perfect for stomach sleepers.

Focus on quality over cost -- There are instances where the price tag of a product doesn't translate quality. Mattresses are no exception. With the support of the Internet, you can research which mattress brands may give you the best deal for your money.

Tired of deceiving ads -- Marketing Gimmicks can fool you to get the mattress that is not desirable. Be an educated and well-informed buyer. You need to have a critical eye on their promises like medically-approved or orthopedic.

Buy from reliable and tested Retailers -- Find out which retailers offer you best the guarantee and buy return procedure. Read the testimonials from and non-biased sources and the third party about the retailers and mattresses.

If you are pregnant and looking for a mattress that provides enough support and comfort, you can consider Lull Mattress. Lull uses superior sleep technology, and the brand has accomplished a 95 percent satisfaction rating from their customers.

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