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How To Encourage Children To Play Outdoors

With progress and advancement, life has become quite comfortable. However, there is one downside to it: children are becoming increasingly used to playing on tablets and smartphones instead of engaging in physical activity. That is totally killing children’s creativity and physical strength. Children of the past have wonderful memories associated with outdoors and nature, but sadly, that is not the case for today’s children. This article will look into how you can encourage your kids to play outdoors.

1. Kids love playing with their cousins, school friends, and neighbors, preferably those their own age. Set a regular outdoor play date with one of your child’s friends and that is sure to encourage them to engage in active play.

2. When kids want to take their toys to play with outside, let them. If you stop them, they will probably want to stay indoors where they know you will allow them to play with their toys. Toys come and go, but fun memories are made just once so let your kids make the best memories ever. If you’re looking for toy ideas to buy your children, there are plenty of review websites such as Kid Crave which take the hassle out of searching for you.

3. Encourage your children to find animal footprints in the snow, mud, or sand. Ask them to spot birds, squirrels, butterflies, and nests. They absolutely love going on a hunt and searching for something.

4. Instill a love for plants and flowers in your children by engaging them in simple gardening activities. This will ensure they spend time playing outdoors as they care for their plants.

5. Writing, drawing, and coloring with sidewalk chalk can be messy but a lot of fun for little hands. Get your kids a pack of chalk and let them spend a wonderful time outdoors.

6. Plan visits to parks and conservation areas with your kids. Explore nature together as a family. According to About Kids Health, not only is it excellent for physical health, but also for emotional bonding. Kids enjoy it more when their parents participate with them so invest some time in your children – they will definitely love you for it.

7. Go on family picnics, hiking, biking, or fishing. Such activities allow for getting in touch with nature, away from tweets and beeps.

8. Like mentioned before, children love going hunting. Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt and treat your kids with something you know they like or want.

9. Some kids might be very particular about staying away from dirt. Tell them it is alright to get messy and dirty. Clothes and skin can all be washed and cleaned.

10. Summer is a wonderful time to ride a bike or skate and explore the neighborhood. But don’t let winter time stop your kids from outdoor play. Encourage them to maintain their outdoor activity even during the cold season.

11. Get your kids a pet dog and tell them that they will be responsible for walking the door. This is another way to get your kids to spend some time outdoors.

12. Tell your children the benefits of outdoor play. Tell them that getting in touch with nature is refreshing for the mind, engaging in physical activity is important for the body to get strong and become healthy. Also, set a slot for screen time and for outdoor play. Children perform much better when they have a routine to follow.

Outdoor play is a great form of physical exercise. Children use all their muscles when they run, jump, or swing, which makes them flexible. Moreover, fresh air and appropriate sunlight are also necessary for the body to become healthy and strong. Children not only have the time of their life when swinging but also improve their balance.

Other activities such as building a sand castle, or picking up leaves improve a child’s gross motor skills. Parks are often packed with children, therefore, giving them the opportunity to interact socially with each other and improve their social skills.

Children are always bursting with energy that cannot be utilized just by art activities, books, and toys. Take them outdoors so they can use all that energy.

Checklists are a wonderful way to get your kids to do something. After putting a tick mark or a smiley face next to a task they have performed, they feel a sense of accomplishment.

If we want our future generations to be active, healthy, and creative, instead of lazy and weak, then it is important that we encourage our children to do what’s best for them. And that is setting a balance between indoor and outdoor play.

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