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Harmful Household Items that Must be Kept Away from Your Dog

Home Sweet Home. We all have grown by learning and believing this line. There is no doubt about that home is the sweetest thing of all. It is the safest as well. Until we keep it safe.
Our home is full of goods that are needed to conduct and complete various home works for different purposes. And we can’t live without these products as these staffs make our life easy and comfortable.

Unfortunately not all the things that make our life easy are good for our dog’s health. There are various goods that we keep in our house are very much harmful to our lovely pets.

If we want to make the home sweet for our dog as well we have to keep our beloved puppy away from these staffs. I believe you already have understood the necessity to know about these staffs. So let’s see which things are real culprits:

Regular Commodities

Battery: The real danger it is. We know how much important this thing to our modern life but it’s a danger for the dog. Throat and stomach issues especially mouth ulcers can happen from the acid of the battery. Dogs with chewing habits seem to attract to these staffs. So keep batteries in a safe place from where the dog can’t reach.

Regular Toys: The reason dog toys are different because those are not harmful if chewed due to their materials. But regular toys at home are not made from those materials and sometimes contain harmful materials which can cause skin issues to the dog.

Plants: Yeah it sounds weird but plants are not such a good thing for dogs. We often see dogs play around trees that are kept in our house for decoration but these plants contain insects. So if a dog swallows some of these it can cause a stomach issue. So make sure your dogs don’t play with the plants.

Rawhide Dog Chews: These popular staffs which are kind of costly as well are very much attractive. We all like to have one for our beloved pup. But surprisingly it is not good fa or dog’s health. It contains Salmonella bacteria which are detrimental to dogs. So try to avoid these things. Make sure you do keep plenty of treats on hand, however, to safely give to your pets. If your dog is prone to anxiety, look for dog treats CBD, which you can give to your dog to calm their nerves.

Chemical Products

Pharmaceuticals items: Whether it’s human pharmaceuticals or veterinary pharmaceuticals nothing is good for dogs. Only prescribed medicines should be provided. So make sure your dog doesn’t eat any of your pills or syrups. 

Heavy Metals: Heavy metals especially Zinc and Lead are extremely detrimental to dogs. Our house is always full of old metals that we don’t use anymore and put here and there. These metals should not be touched by dogs. An excess amount of chemicals if swallowed will surely cause medical issues. There are some shred proof dog beds which have a metal frame. If you have one and that is old then change that soon.

Insecticides: I know you are aware of the harmfulness of these products. But it doesn’t create health issue only but also can cause death if any insecticide is taken in good amount. So be cautious and CAUTIOUS. Besides Rodenticides are also dangerous. It usually contains anticoagulants or phosphorus which can result in serious health issues.

Cleaning products: There are various cleaning products in our home like detergent, bleaching powder, Dishwashing liquid etc. All sorts of cleaning products should not be smelt and obviously swallowed by the pet. Major stomach problems occur due to having these kinds of chemical products.

Antifreeze and De-icers: These simple chemical items are not good for dogs. So don’t keep these staffs close to your pet.

Edible Goods

Yeah, it’s hard to imagine that our food can be harmful to our pets. But it is true. Those foods are:

Chocolate: We are fond of it and sometimes put some of it into our pet’s mouth. But don’t do it anymore. It is extremely harmful as caffeine causes toxicosis. It can also result in seizures. Besides, dark chocolates and cooking chocolates are more harmful to a dog. 

Coffee: It has caffeine too. So it is as harmful as chocolate.

Onions: Onions are responsible to kill canine blood cells which may cause Heinz Body Anemia to the dog. So food items with onion or onion staff are strictly prohibited.

Garlic: It is not as harmful as onions. But it is not good though. Some dog foods contain garlic. You should avoid those foods as much as possible.

Raw meat: We often see in movies that dogs are fond of raw meat. But it is not applicable to domesticated dogs as their digestion system is not that strong. That’s why some dogs may face bacterial poisons.

 Alcohol: In our fun time we try to include our dog by putting alcohol into its mouth. Whether it’s occasional or regular alcohol that shouldn’t be treated to your dog.

I truly believe you care about your dog’s health. That’s why this list will help you more to be cautious enough. You can learn more about Dog’s health issues from this exclusive blog by Byte Best.

Have a good time with your pet! 

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