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Give Them Restful Nights with Bamboo Tranquility Sheets #MBPSpring19

Thanks to Bamboo Tranquility for providing me with product for my review. All thoughts are my own.

We're so happy that spring is finally here! After what has seemed like the longest winter ever, we're loving the sunshine, warmer days, and springtime blooms and blossoms. With everything blooming right now, we're all fighting terrible springtime allergies. My poor kids seem to have the worst of it, with nearly constant stuffy and runny noses and watery eyes. While we do a lot to combat allergy symptoms, it never really occurred to me that the kids' bedding might be trapping allergens and causing them additional problems while they try to sleep.

We've never shelled out a good amount of money for bedding for the kids, other than their down comforters, which they love. Aside from handmade pillowcases and quilts, when it comes to amazon king size sheets, we keep it simple. The older our son has gotten, the sweatier he's become in his sleep. I've thought about purchasing cooling gel pillows and mattress covers, but never really gave much thought to changing the type of sheets he was sleeping in.

Hubby and I discovered the awesomeness of bamboo sheets a few years ago, and the more I thought about it, I wondered if it was time to give our son's bed a little upgrade in the bedding department, in hopes that he would have fewer allergy issues, and cooler nights. Bamboo to the rescue!

Milovan Simic, President of Bamboo Tranquility created the brand out of a passion for affordable, high-quality bamboo sheets. After trying out bamboo sheets at a friend's house, Milovan noticed what an incredible difference it made it a restful night's sleep. Unable to find bamboo sheets which were affordable, and made with the quality and attention needed, Milovan set out to found Bamboo Tranquility. 

The Bamboo Tranquility Difference

Our Twin Sheet Set from Bamboo Tranquility arrived beautifully packaged.

Our son has only ever slept on cotton sheets. He gets so hot and sweaty while he sleeps, and his allergies are awful. As parents, my husband and I wondered if switching to a high-quality set of bamboo sheets would reduce his allergy symptoms and help him stay cooler during the night.

When I mentioned to B that we were swapping out his sheets, he had such an excited reaction, and couldn't wait for us to get the new sheets onto his bed.

Out with the old, and in with the bamboo!

The epitome of luxury, these gorgeous bamboo sheets are perfect for all ages.

B all but drooled as he ran his fingers over the silky soft and cool bamboo sheets from Bamboo Tranquility. We changed out his bedding, and right away, loved the way the fitted sheet fit over the mattress. The deep pockets help to ensure a tight fit, helping to keep the sheet in place. After straightening out the sheets and re-making the bed, B was jumping for joy, and couldn't wait to get in and test them out. I have never seen a child so eager to get into bed in my life.

Is it bedtime yet?

This boy couldn't wait to get into bed the night we put his new bamboo sheets on his bed!

I know the feeling of wanting to get into bed after putting a new set of luxe sheets on. It's like slipping into a silk envelope. B couldn't wait to get into bed that night, and even got into bed early so he could have some extra time to enjoy his new sheets while reading before falling asleep.

B has had several amazing nights in his new sheets from Bamboo Tranquility. He's happy to get into bed, and hasn't once complained about being too hot or cool. When I've checked on him in the night, he's been cool as a cucumber, wrapped in his sheet. In the past, he's pushed sheets down to the foot of the bed, has slept with all blankets off, and has still been sweaty. He has happily slept between the sheets of these soft bamboo twin sheets.

Since switching to the bamboo sheets, we haven't had to give B over the counter allergy medicine in the morning. When the old sheets were on the bed, he was waking up stuffy and sneezing every morning, and that hasn't happened since we changed the sheets and pillowcase to the Bamboo Tranquility set. Amazing!

We're so happy with this sheet set. The quality is amazing. The sheets aren't too thick, but they're also not thin. We've had bamboo sheet sets in the past which have had frayed threads, and have ripped after just one cycle through the wash. Bamboo Tranquility sheets are durable, breathable, and are 1000 thread count, yet so creamy soft and cool to the touch. They are fabulous!


84% more breathable than Egyptian cotton sheets, these sheets are won't stifle your body in uneven heat.
Silky-soft fabric gets even more luxurious with additional washes.
Pill-resistant bedding
18" deep pockets with extra strong elastic around the perimeter of the fitted sheet.
100% organic bamboo fibers, 300 thread count

Why Bamboo?

Softer than 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, these sheets are pure luxury. 

Proven to be more breathable than cotton, bamboo fiber fabrics won't stifle you in uneven heat through the night.

Go Green! Bamboo requires no pesticides, uses 1/3 of the water as cotton, produces 35% more oxygen than trees, and is the fastest growing plant in the world.

Perfect for those with sensitive skin and allergies, all of our bedding is odor and allergy resistant.

Want them? Get them!

We love these sheets so much that we're already making plans to purchase more. With upcoming travel plans (yes, we travel with our own sheets), wedding showers, etc., we know how important it is to have amazing sheets on hand for personal use or for gifting. Bamboo Tranquility sheets are absolutely amazing and I guarantee you will love them!

Head on over to Bamboo Tranquility to learn more about their mission and fabulous bamboo sheets!
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Special thanks to our friends at Bamboo Tranquility for allowing us to share about their luxurious bamboo sheets and bedding. Be sure to look for them in our 2019 Spring Product Guide.

Have you ever tried bamboo sheets? Where might you like to use sheets from Bamboo Tranquility in your home? Let's talk sheets, luxury & sleep in the comments.

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