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Fight Adult Acne with Md Acne

Do you suffer with acne?  Does nothing work for you?  Let me introduce MDAcne.
A special thank you to our friends at MdAcne for providing samples in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts are my own.
 I am almost 38 years old and the most embarrassing thing I deal with is skin issues.  I have acne, dry skin, burn easy in the sun, and have dark spots.  Sure makeup can cover up most of this but I am tired of hiding behind makeup.  I dread leaving the house barefaced so I wear makeup 7 days a week... really bad for my skin.

I was introduced to MdAcne as an alternative for what I have been trying to do on my own- lotions, scrubs, expensive cleansers... you name it I tried it.  The problem is they made my skin worse.  Is it because I am unclear on my skin type or is my skin type changing?  I have not a clue.

MdAcne is the world's first fully customizable acne treatment kit. With 3 easy steps your products are chosen for you.  
Step 1: Take a selfie- Go to a room or outside with natural light and take a picture of yourself.
Step 2: Read the results from the analysis provided from MdAcne
Step 3:  Your products are on the way.
Not sure about you but this sounds easy enough even I feel comfortable doing it.

The kit I was provided with has blackhead strips, dark spot remover, pimple patches, and sunblock.  All the things I need to care for my skin.

Blackhead strips have so much to offer, but MdAcne strips are made for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, and made from plant fibers.

Pimple patches are amazing- They can heal a pimple in as little as 6 hours. Simply put the patch over your pimple for about 6 hours and the medicine on each one will work to fight the bacteria causing your outbreak. 

The dark spot remover focuses on removing troubled areas where pimples have scarred or caused discoloration to your skin.  

Finally- sunblock- it is the most important part of your daily routine.  Sunblock that is oil free clogs your pores less.  It is a sunblock that protects the work that the other products have fixed. 

I have tried a lot of products to help with my troubled skin.  I used to think it was vanity that made me spend so much in trying to always appear pretty, but it is not.  Taking care of the body you are in is important and it starts with your skin.  You don't have to spend a lot to do so and investing in yourself is always worth it.  I was able to try the products for free this time, but I will be a customer because of the products.  

Why Mdacne? 
Need I say more?

Want it? Get it!
Visit the website to find out what MDAcne can do for you.
Read the mission statement- Read the advice.

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