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Car Care Tips Before Heading to the Beach

Do you have a beach trip coming up? Spring break or Easter break is prime time for beach trips, whether it's college kids headed off on an adventure or a family taking a much-needed family vacation. My own family takes a trip to the beach every spring, and it's something we always look forward to. It can take a lot of planning to get a family ready for a beach trip, especially when traveling with little ones. Getting the car we'll be traveling in is something I often leave to my husband, but we usually try to confer and make sure we're on the same page before we hit the road.

Here are some easy to follow car care tips before heading to the beach...

Bring your beach supplies from home. It's no secret that prices on needed beach items skyrocket the closer you get to the beach. Make sure you bring along easy-to-pack and haul items such as beach chairs. I like to bring a camping chair, rather than beach chairs. They are lightweight, can be slung over a shoulder, and rinsed off with ease. Sunscreen should be stored out of the sun, and I keep ours in a zipped plastic bag in case of spills. You do not want sunscreen on your car's seats!

Protect against sand! If you're headed to the beach, there will be sand... and lots of it! Protect the floors of your vehicle by adding all-weather floor mats. They can be shaken out or even hosed off to remove sand and salt. We like to use seat covers when we go to the beach. They help us keep water and sand off of the actual car seats. We also have the kids sit on towels when we come off of the beach and get into the car. This prevents water stains on the seats. Your car's exterior needs to be protected, too. Sand can scratch your car's paint pretty easily, so it's a good idea to rinse off the exterior after you leave the beach for the day.

If you're allowed to actually drive your vehicle onto the beach (check local beach rules), make sure you have the proper tires. If you wind up stuck in the sand, don't put the pedal to the metal to try to get yourself out- you'll just make the situation worse. You should actually try to go back and forth lightly, by putting the car into reverse, and then moving forward again, gently lifting the vehicle out of the sand rut.

No matter what, make sure you have an emergency kit with you at all times, with first aid supplies in it. Emergencies can occur, on the road, or even while enjoying a day at the beach. Make sure fluids are current, wipers work and pay attention to the skies. Pop up showers and storms are typical on the coast, so keep an eye on the weather to help keep your family safe.

All in all, take a deep breath and enjoy your downtime! Traveling with family doesn't always feel like a break or vacation, but do all things with love in your heart, and you're sure to make lasting memories with the people you care about!

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