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7 qualities to look out for when buying your first synthetic hair

Wigs are a great way to spice up your beauty wardrobe. They let wearers have a much-needed addition to their beauty routine. People can pick from all sorts of wigs on the market today. There are wigs with long hair, wigs that have shorter hair and many kinds of wigs in the middle. When looking at your first synthetic hair from Kalani’s Kinky Hair Boutique, you'll want to keep many things in mind. Careful examination of the material used, the way it has been constructed and what kind of care is needed can pay off. A well-fitting wig makes any woman look great and draws attention to her best features.

Necessary Accessories

Details really make any look. The same is true of any synthetic hair. Many women want to reserve the hairpiece for a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary. They often want to use hair accessories that go with the other accessories they've chosen. This is the time to think about the kind of items the wearer wants to use along with the wig. For example, a wearer may have tiara style in mind. She may also be asked to wear a specific headpiece if she's part of a wedding party. She'll want to make sure the pink wig can work with the other pieces she's planning.

Ease of Care

Many women keep a few hairpieces around for a long time. A woman may buy pieces as a teen and keep them as she grows. She might also want to consider how best to keep that wig in great style so she can pass it along to the next generation. She might also want to see if she can share with her sisters and her roommates. In that case, it's imperative to know exactly how to make sure the hair stays in good shape after each wearing. A good quality hairpiece is one that many people can use and keep on hand as needed for varied looks. Easy care pieces encourage more wearing and more use.

Does It Fit That Budget

Like many other kinds of accessories, synthetic hair comes in at differing price points. The buyer should think about their own planned price point and what's going to work best for the budget they have before they go shopping. A larger budget can be used to by many different types of synthetic hair. The buyer might opt to buy different types of hairpieces in different colors and lengths. A buyer might also decide to opt for styles that mimic certain classic hairstyles. For example, the twenties bob was a sleek style that many women choose to find a style that was easier to care for and worked well with the flapper dresses of that era. That can be combined with a longer, more Victorian look and an updo with a stylish chignon.

How it Was Made

Wigs can be made in varied ways. For centuries, wigs were made solely by hand. Today, wigs can be made by hand or via machine. In general, wigs that are made by hand will tend to look more natural than hairpieces than have been made at least in part by machine. If you see a wig that you like but isn't quite right, you can always bring it to stylish for a second look. A stylist can help revamp the wig. They can reshape it from the very top to the ends. They can also add additional hair or cut out extra hair that may not be quite right.

Types of Hair Used

Another consideration is the type of hair used in the wig. Just like human hair, synthetic hair can be highly variable. Human beings have hair that ranges from thick and curly to long and sleek. Some women may want to match the natural hair they already have. In that case, they'll want to look for a hairpiece that blends well. It should share the same color and texture.

Others might want to change up their look entirely. If that's true, they can find wigs that go in a new direction completely. This is a great way to have some fun with your existing look. Put on a long blond wig and amuse yourself and others around you. Put on a long auburn ponytail for a look that's playful and elegant at the same time. The right hairpiece can make a difference and let you figure out which style you like best.

Size and Shape of Your Head

Everyone has a different face shape and different head measurement. If you're buying your first synthetic hair, it can take some time to figure out which one works best for your face and head. You'll want hair that looks good with your shape and feels comfortable. Not all wigs are available in all head sizes and shapes. Before you go shopping for a wig, it might be best to measure your head. This will give you a feel for the kind of wig that is going to work best for your plans. You might also have staffers at the site who can help you further measure your head and get the fit right.

Trying it On

Looking a wig in the abstract is nice. However, nothing beats the feel of trying it on in person. Trying it on in person gives the wearer the chance to see how it lies on their head and goes with their features. A wig often looks differently on the mannequin than it does on the person's head. Keep in mind that people generally have faces fall into four shapes: oval, square, round and heart. A wig with a different shape than the wearer's face is an ideal choice. Providing contrast can create interest and make the whole look the wearer has come to life. Trying it on directly can help the wearer find the right kind of synthetic hair.

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