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2 Jobs That Are Perfect for Mothers Returning to Work

After having spent the better part of a year staying at home to look after your newborn, you’re probably a little bit fearful about the prospect of returning to the world of work. What changes will have occurred in your workplace? Will you be able to do the job that you did before you become a parent?

If you decide that, at this all-important crossroads in your life, you wish to start afresh with your career, then you might be glad to hear that there are jobs out there that are perfectly suited to mothers returning to work. The two professions listed below, in particular, will help you to transition back into the hustle and bustle of working and earning with ease.

Yoga instructor

After such a lengthy absence away from the world of work, you might be fearful about plunging into the deep end of it right away once your scheduled maternity leave is over. Specifically, for whatever reason, you might not yet feel comfortable to work full-time hours once again. If this is the case, then becoming a yoga instructor could be the perfect vocation for you.

As an instructor of yoga, you would have complete control over your schedule — as long as the studio is available for you to book out, you would be able to pick and choose when you work. As with any other job, however, being a yoga instructor does come with its fair share of difficulties, such as stolen equipment and the possibility of liability claims being made against you. To protect yourself and your finances as a yoga instructor, then, it is imperative that you cover yourself with beYogi all-inclusive yoga liability insurance. By doing so, you wouldn’t have to worry about the cost of replacing stolen equipment or settling malpractice claims, as your insurance premium would see you are covered.


If you do not feel comfortable enough to venture back into the world of work as your maternity leave deadline approaches, fear not, as, thanks to advances in modern technology, you can earn money from the comfort of your own home.

There are many avenues to take when it comes to using technology, specifically the Internet, to your advantage in this instance, one of the most fruitful being to become a blogger. By taking this route and creating your own blog, you would be able to work from wherever you like, whenever you like. Just know, however, that you aren’t going to make any money from your blogging venture if you don’t dedicate yourself to it. Quite simply, you have to treat it like a job if you want it to pay the bills! This means uploading content that engages your target audience at regular intervals.

If you want to transition back into the world of work in a way that isn’t too overwhelming by working full time, then you should consider carving out a career as either a yoga teacher or a blogger.

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