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Your Feet Will Love Atom Compression Wear #MBPWINTER19

Thank you to Atom Compression Wear for providing me with product for my review. All thoughts are my own.

My sweet mom has worn compression socks for as long as I can remember so I wanted her to try out Atom Compression Wear because I knew she could give the best review of them.  She is a pro in the compression sock department.  And luckily, she was excited to try these out and help me share with all of our readers.

My mom is a diabetic and most of the time her ankles are so swollen it makes it very hard for her to walk.  She has to miss a lot of things because she just can't walk far enough to get where she needs to go or her feet hurt so bad she can't stand on them.  She has found her new favorite compression socks in the Compression Lanati Milk Fiber Classic Socks.  We were surprised to see that these compression socks are made with milk fiber.  That is what makes these socks better than what my mom has always worn.  The milk fiber makes the socks comfortable and easy to put on.  My dad usually has to help her get her compression socks on and off but she has been able to put the Atom Compression Socks on without help.  She said that these are so comfortable compared to the ones she has worn for years that are scratchy and hot.  She noticed that her feet weren't swollen as much as usual after the first couple of days wearing these new compression socks and that her feet weren't hot and sweaty in these socks.  The ones she usually wears are very hot and she can't wait to take them off at the end of the day.  She says she could wear the Atom Compression Socks all the time. My dad has already ordered her another pair to have on hand. It makes me so happy to hear that these make her feel good because I have watched her suffer from foot pain for so long.  I know that she will always have problems with her feet, but am so glad that she has found a product that helps relieve some of it.

Excited for my mom to try these out.

You can wear these all day and do all the things you want to do.

My mom is trying out the Classic in black.

My moms feet aren't as swollen as usual.  Most of the time they look like they are going to pop.

Our Eco-Friendly Lanati Milk Yarn

Atom compression socks knitted with milk fiber have unique properties, which are naturally derived without addition of chemicals or materials which may affect sensitive skin.

The milk fiber makes the socks:
  1. Soft, and very easy to put on, compare with standard synthetic or cotton compression socks and you will notice a huge difference in the ease of wear and comfort factor.
  2. Lanati Milk fiber is naturally antimicrobial, so keeps your socks fresh and your feet don't smell.
  3. It is also a very cooling fiber, great during pregnancy, in hot weather, for people whose feet are naturally hot. To aid warmth for those that need their feet to be toastier, and for padding, we recommend a terry lined trainer liner on top of the Atom socks. We are in process of developing a world first terry lined milk sock in full graduated compression, so watch this space.
  4. The fibers are moisture wicking, again keeping feet dry by carrying sweat away.
  5. Lanati milk fiber has uv protection properties.
  6. It is moisturizing, so will not dry your skin out, or give that itchy scratchy feel.

Compression socks and calf sleeves are designed to provide immediate and long lasting relief while helping your body to naturally heal by boosting circulation and muscle support.
  • Medical grade graduated compression (18-22 mm Hg)
  • Cooling, breathable and moisture wicking fabric
  • Never wrinkle or slip design with comfort-stay-put-top
  • Durable, soft and easy to put on
  • pH balanced to your skin and naturally anti-microbial

 Winter Survival Guide

Want it?  Get it!
Head on over to Atom Compression Wear website and check out all the products they have to offer and find out what will help in your daily life.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  Be sure to check out our Winter Survival Guide featuring Atom Compression Wear. 

Special thanks to my friends at Atom Compression Wear for allowing me to share about these wonderful compression socks and for helping my mom have some relief with her feet. 

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