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Why Your Family Should Go Camping This Year

Experiencing the great outdoors is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world. You get to see and experience the earth in a way you just don’t get to do during your average day. Camping and hiking are important to expose your children to at a young age, as it teaches them the importance of unplugging from society and enjoying the little things in life, while showing them how to be prepared for anything with only the bare minimum. Take your family camping this year and enjoy a few nights under the stars.


One issue with children in the age of technology is their inability to stay off phones, tablets, game consoles, and the like. Overdoing these sedentary activities can not only lead to problems paying attention, but can also be linked to obesity in childhood. Getting out into nature and disconnecting from the world (and the internet) for a few days will do adults just as much good as it will do children. You may have some withdrawal at first, but after putting away your phones and electronics, you’ll find yourself more at peace with the world around you and with yourself. Teaching kids at a young age that the point of life is not to do things the most quick, efficient way and, rather, enjoying the process along the way, helps them take their time and pay more attention to their surrounds and the journey they are on in life.


Bringing children into the outdoors is a great opportunity to learn about nature first-hand. For parents who aren’t as familiar with the outdoors, this can be a lesson for them too. Learn about what bugs can be found in nature and which ones are and are not dangerous. Teach your child how to start a fire with the bare minimum, which can be incredibly helpful in case of emergency. Observe the stars and learn which ones make up constellations while enjoying a clear sky at night. As humans, it is important that we respect nature and understand that all things living are vital to our ecosystem. Teaching children young that all creatures in the woods, big and small, play an important part on our earth helps them understand the importance of diversity and acceptance regarding our fellow humans.


Taking your family to the amusement park this summer is a great option, don’t get me wrong. But screaming at the top of your lungs on a roller coaster and running off in all directions to get the most fun into your short trip can hardly be considered familial bonding. Camping allows families the time to get off their phones (sorry, no internet in the woods) and actually talk while working together to solve a problem like pitching a tent or enjoying a scenic hike. Take turns coming up with stories around the fire and learn a little more about your kids (and your spouse) and what topics and ideas they find interesting. In turn, silence can be just as rewarding. There is nothing more beautiful than taking in nature with your family and experiencing something that paralyzes you in awe and wonder.

Save Money

If the beauty of nature hasn’t convinced you to hop in a camper straight away and head for the nearest campsite, think of all the money you and your family can save by camping instead of taking a pricey cruise or spending a week at a beach where everything is overpriced. Whether you’re a big-wig CEO in New York City or a Kansas City real estate agent, saving money is never a bad thing. Teach your children to be frugal and shop together for camping necessities (like s’mores ingredients, of course) and help them understand the difference between the cost of a package of hot dogs to be cooked over an open fire and a boardwalk corndog (Hint: While the former is clearly the cheaper option, it is also the most delicious).

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  1. Camping is not my favorite thing to do, but my kids have some of the best memories from the times we have gone camping.


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