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When Was the Last Time You Said, "I Love You?"

Every morning. Every afternoon. Every evening. I tell my boys I love them at least once during these times if not more. I want them to know they are loved, listened to, and respected so they show the same kindness to their family and others they care about. 

I know some stereotypes peg men as being tough and emotionless.

I want to raise young men and men that are kind, sympathetic, and who know how to feel and control their emotions. 

I want them to know it's okay to be sad sometimes and to feel your emotions so they aren't bottled up. Being emotionally literate is just as important as other skills one develops as a child. 

I'm hoping that telling my boys I love them, hugging them, and talking them through their emotions will help them now and in the future. 

I also tell family members and close friends I love them after visiting or phone calls. You simply don't know when the last time will be that you can talk to them.

How do you show that you love the ones you love? 

Do you say, "I love you," often? 

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