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What Tools Should You Have In Your Garage?

Whether you’re a keen woodworker and DIY fan or whether you’re just a homeowner who wants to be well-equipped to tackle any potential problem in your home, having the correct tools in your garage or workshop is paramount.
Here, we take a look at some of the key items you should definitely have in your garage, no matter whether you consider yourself to be a DIY fanatic or a complete novice when it comes to home repair projects.

A Hammer
Let’s start with the absolute basics. You are definitely going to need a hammer in your toolbox. In fact, if possible, it’s always best to have more than one. If we’re going to be picky, you should have at the very least a claw hammer for driving in nails and removing them as well as a mallet for more heavy duty jobs.
You are definitely going to need a minimum of two screwdrivers – a Phillips head and a flathead. Really, you’re going to need a number of screwdrivers in different sizes to suit a range of tasks. You can’t use the same screwdriver to fix a plug as you’ll use to repair a door hinge, for example.
A Spirit Level
You’ll be surprised by just how often you use a spirit level in your home. Even if as far as you get with DIY is putting up a few pictures on your walls, a spirit level will be absolutely vital for ensuring that they are straight and balanced.
A Drill
You’re definitely going to need a drill for tackling a wide range of home DIY projects. A corded drill is fine, but if you can afford it, you should definitely consider going for a cordless one, since it will allow you to get into places away from a power outlet.
A Saw
You’ll definitely need a saw of one kind or another in your garage. A handsaw is an absolute basis and should be part of any home toolkit, but you should probably consider investing in a few other saws too. Power saws are very versatile and you’ll end up using them for a range of jobs around your home, especially if you’re interested in trying out some simple woodworking projects. A circular saw or a jigsaw could be a good choice if you want to add some extra power to your armory.
A Wrench
You are definitely going to need at least one wrench, and preferably several in different sizes. There will often be times when you need to loosen nuts and bolts and using a wrench is the only real way to do it.
You’re certainly going to need a pair of pliers, and preferably at least two pairs – a flat head and a needle head. They’ll be useful for an enormous range of tasks, from fixing jewelry to removing screws that are stuck.
A Sander
If you’re going to be working on any kind of woodworking project, a sander is an absolute must. Preferably a random orbital sander, although a mouse sander could also be useful depending on the type of job you’re going to be tackling. This will make sure that you get a nice smooth finish for your project and don’t end up with splinters everywhere.
A Ladder
Although ladders aren’t exactly tools, they’re definitely something you should add to your garage. After all, without a ladder, how are you going to be able to reach up to all those high spaces when you’re painting, repairing or looking for a lost ball on the roof! Make sure you choose safe and sturdy ladders which can take your weight to avoid an accident.
Of course, there are lots of other tools which you might want to add to your garage or home workshop. If you’re a keen woodworker, for example, you’ll probably want to add more complex pieces of equipment such as a table saw or a router table. If so, you can visit this site to help you to choose the right items to fit in your available space.
However, for many homeowners, the basics will be quite sufficient and will make sure that you can tackle any issues which might arise in your property.

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