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What advice do you wish you would have received before having kids?

Mama of two here who is much wiser than right after she had her first. People love to give advice, in general, but everyone loves to comment about how to parent. I received advice about nursing, teaching them to sleep, how to dress them, and how to put on diapers just to name a few. What I really needed to know and what no one told me was to talk to other moms. 
I never went in to talk to the doctor, but I do believe I had a bit of postpartum depression for the first few months with Hendrix. I felt like I was the only one experiencing the sleep deprivation, crazy hormones and emotions, and struggling to know what to do all the time.

I'm a bit of a unique situation because my mom passed away when I was 11 and I don't have any close siblings. A husband can be sympathetic, but his experiences were much different, so it was difficult for him to empathize. Not having any really close friends who had had babies. 

That left me home alone with a newborn, all day, every day, feeling a little isolated. 

My in-laws are wonderful and were great bringing me lunch every once in a while and coming to snuggle Hendrix just to give me a break. I just didn't know how to talk to anyone because I felt like I was the only one. 

The only one feeling lonely. 

The only one feeling lost in the new adventure of parenthood. 

The only one who just wanted to take a shower without having to hear her baby scream the entire time. 

The only one who cried randomly. 

The sleep deprivation is real. The hormones and emotions are real. The feelings are real. 

I remember sending a text to my friend. She has two boys who are in high school and college. She understood what I was going through and it was then that I realized I needed to make connections with other moms. I needed to reach out to other women to share my experiences. 

I felt so much better! I wasn't alone. Everyone struggles a little and that's okay. It's okay to cry sometimes or to feel lost sometimes. 

Parenting is hard. It is so difficult, but can be so rewarding. I love my two boys. All the struggles are worth all of the great times. 

I'm going to keep talking to others because that's what helps me keep everything in perspective. 

What advice do you wish you had received? 

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