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"Treat" Your Special Someone's Lips With Treat Beauty #MBPVday19

Thanks to Treat for sending me product to review. All thoughts shared below are my own.

How come women can be so difficult to surprise on Valentine's Day? It's like we all have this radar that watches and listens for any sign of movement. If your guy needs a little nudge or possibly a tiny little clue to help him surprise you with the perfect Valentine's Day gift, lead him to Treat Beauty!

I absolutely love Valentine's Day! For me, it's the little things. I love the homemade cards from my sweet little boys, a heartfelt message in a card from the hubby or even a simple coffee date spent with the ones I love. I am not an extravagant girl and do not wish for diamonds. Receiving an amazing lip balm from Treat Beauty is what my Valentine's Day is made of and I could not be any happier!

When I first caught wind of this company, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful aesthetic of colors, unicorns, rainbows and desserts! I have to admit, I purchase way too many lip balms only to have them confiscated by my children or swallowed by the house. You don't have an abyss in your home where unmatched socks, lip balms and hair ties live? Maybe it's just me... 
Because these lip balms are so much larger, I will not lose them anymore!

Treat Beauty was founded by a gal that was tired of hitting dead ends when it came to treating her eczema. Every product that was on the market seemed to only make matters worse.

"I started to research natural foods that are good for the skin, and came across cocoa butter first, which has the scent of chocolate. I thought to myself, I like chocolate, so I considered that a win. Next, I put on my Willy Wonka fedora and went into the kitchen to mix up cocoa butter with shea butter, and a dash of sweet orange and mint essential oils. The Cocoa Truffle Bath Melt was born! My skin began to feel great using my homemade remedies, and I wondered what else I might be able to whip up, and whether other forgotten eczema sufferers could benefit from my food science experiments." Treat Beauty

The rest is history! 
These amazing lip balms are 3x the size of a typical lip balm. It's hard to fully grasp how big they are from the images online, but when I received them in the mail, my jaw dropped. As large as they are, somehow they glide onto my lips perfectly with an even application every single time. 

Rainbow Sherbet Lip Scrub (get rid of dry lips!)

 This lip scrub smells and even tastes incredible. Yes, tastes! Treat products are certified organic, cruelty-free and made with only the best, all natural ingredients. They are completely safe to ingest. It's so important to check the ingredients on anything you are putting on your skin or lips. I cannot emphasize that enough! 

Every lip balm, tinted balm and scrub are $13.99 and shipping is always free. They even have options for men! Body creams and butters are also available on their website.

The Jumbo Tinted Balm in the shade "Cotton Candy" is sparkly, creamy and adds the perfect hint of color. These lip balms smell like you are walking through a bakery or candy shop. There are no strange after tastes and they leave my lips feeling moisturized and soft. 

Treat Beauty is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the special someone in your life that loves to wear lip balms that smell delicious and provide a light, moisturizing tint. They really are 3x the size of a traditional lip balm and will last so much longer. 

There are duos and trios that make such adorable gifts for Valentine's Day. The Duos are $24.00 and the Trios are $33.00. For the amount of product you receive, these prices are incredibly reasonable and they are worth every penny. 

Are you going to Treat your special someone with a Treat Beauty product?! Be it Valentine's Day, or "just because", you're going to make someone smile awfully big with a Treat Beauty lip balm. 

Want It? Get It!

*** Use Code: SWEETHEART for 20% off!***

Visit Treat Beauty online to place your order and remember, shipping is always free! There are some states that carry these products in their Whole Foods Market, but you can also order them via their website. Make sure to stay connected via their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest

Thanks again to our friends at Treat for partnering with us! Be sure to look for them in our 2019 Valentine's Day Gift Guide.


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