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Top Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe on the Road

There are so many reasons to love dogs. While they're considered as pets, they quickly become a partner, companion, and part of the family for most dog owners. They can add so much joy to one's life, and bring about lots of fun and exciting new ways for families to bond, learn, and grow together with their pet. It's hard to leave a member of the family behind on a trip, which is why so many dog owners choose to travel with their furry best friends. Traveling with pets can have its challenges, but can also be fun and rewarding. Here are a few top ways to keep your dog safe on the road.

Make a safety kit for your dog

Just as you would bring all necessary papers and information along with you on a trip, bring your dog's important info if they'll be traveling with you. Bring their papers, health records, and a couple of photos of your dog that you can share if anything happens to your dog, or if they wander away from you when traveling. It's also good to have updated pics of your dog on your phone, which you can quickly share on social media, if they wind up lost during your travel adventure. No one want to think about something like this happening to their pet, but it's better to be safe than sorry!

Protect your dog

It probably goes without saying, but use common sense when traveling with your pet. Don't let them ride in the bed of a truck (how dangerous!). They could easily jump out, or worse, could be injured by debris on the road. If you stop to use the restroom, make sure your dog is on a leash. Not only is it the law in most places, but it'll also help you keep your dog safe and from wandering off into dangerous traffic or into an unfamiliar area.

Use a safety harness or crate when on the road

Would you drive without your seatbelt on? Would you let a child ride in a car without being properly restrained? Hopefully, you answered 'no' to those questions. In turn, dogs should also be properly restrained in the car. There are numerous safety restraints that hook into the car, which your dog can be safely buckled into. You can also crate your dogs, though it's recommended that you research how to properly do so to avoid them being crushed or seriously injured in the event of a collision. Letting dogs roam loose in the back seat is incredibly dangerous, and the same goes for the front seat. If you love having your dog in your lap- save it for a safe place. Doing so could save your life and that of your dog.

While using a harness is a great idea, keeping washable male dog wraps or diapers for your dogs would be a smart idea to keep them and you safe on the road. This can prevent some urinary mess in your car, allowing you to concentrate on driving. It should be noted that although male dogs tend to mark around more often, female dogs can also mark.

Safe ways to travel with your dog seem pretty simple, and they are suggestions that are easy to follow, but there are a number of dog owners who don't take these precautions before traveling with their pets. Not properly traveling with your dog can put their life in jeopardy, and potentially yours, as well. Follow our tips for safe travel with your precious pet and you'll have far less to worry about when you're on the road with them.

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