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Things Every Teen Driver Should Keep in Their Car

When I turned 16, I was a new driver, and sure did feel invincible. Didn't we all at that age? Now a 30-something mom of two, I have already had a couple of people ask me if we've started saving money for a car for our son. He's 8 years old, but the day will soon come when he'll be enrolling in a driver's education class and working toward a learner's permit. Hard as it is to think about my son being at that age, some of his cousins are there now- learning to drive, or are young adult drivers. One of the best things you can do for new drivers, aside from helping to make sure they are safe on the road, is to give them the tools they need in case of an emergency.

I still remember the Christmas that I unwrapped a roadside assistance kit. I was a new driver, and the gift was from my uncle. He wanted to make sure that I had everything I need in case of an emergency. Smart thinking on his part, and it's a smart gift idea for parents and other family members to consider for new drivers, as graduation gifts, etc.

Other important items to make sure young or new drivers keep in their cars:

When I think about all of the stuff that winds up in my car from day to day use and in addition to my kids' belongings, I go a little crazy. The saving grace for us is the fact that I keep organizers and bins in the car. You can buy organizers that fit over the backs of seats or even one that goes in the trunk. It's the perfect spot to hold various items, loose belongings, and emergency items, too.

Cleaning Supplies
Most young drivers aren't thinking about safety issues related to keeping cars clean. It's amazing how something as simple as washing your car or cleaning the windows and windshield can be overlooked. There are lots of hidden dangers in not keeping your car clean. Keep items like a trash bin near the driver's seat. Loose trash sitting in the car is not only unsightly and unsanitary, but it's also unsafe. Add glass cleaner, paper towels or microfiber towels and cleaning wipes to the trunk organizer, and your new driver will be set to clean their car as needed.

Winter weather necessities
It'll be springtime soon, but that doesn't mean that a big cold snap can't happen or that there won't be wintry weather in March and April. Be sure to add items like bottled water, a blanket, a phone charger, and a shovel to the trunk of the car during the winter months. These items can be removed and stored once spring truly arrives, and can be added back to the car next fall/winter.

Personal care items
Sometimes you may be on the road with no place to stop nearby. Think about items you'd want to have if you accidentally got a cut or scrape, became ill, or items needed to freshen up. It's a good idea to keep things like a first aid kit, pain reliever, baby powder, deodorant, freshening body wipes, etc. That way, if your driver can't run home between soccer practice and volunteer service, they can freshen up along the way!

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