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Snuggle Up In Love With 26 & Co. #MBPVday19

Thanks to 26 & Co. for proving me with product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

We are a blanket loving family and have them everywhere.  Aiden sleeps with about 6-8 on his bed every night and is always walking around wrapped in a blanket.  He loves his new one from 26 & Co.
I love the positive affirmations that 26 & Co. have on blankets and shirts.  Everyone needs to hear words of affirmation and be reminded how much we each matter!

We received a large fleece blanket that is perfect for cuddling on the couch.  These are 40 x 60 and there are 22 affirmations to choose from.  It was really hard to pick which one to get because we need to hear them all.  26 & Co. also has shirts, hoodies, mugs, aprons, tote bags and much more.  These would make a perfect gift for anyone in your life.  I love to see Aiden covered in this blanket and knowing he is loved.  

Aiden's new favorite blanket.

Some info on how 26 & Co. came about and how they are making a positive impact on the community!

This Philly based, black woman owned company began with a desire to heal and an urging from God to bless others. 26 & Co was born to encourage, empower, support and love women and men who are facing the challenges of balancing personal growth/happiness with a desire to do good in this world.

We each have our own unique journey and experiences. We have all had ups and downs and needed a friend/support system to pull through. Delia, owner of 26 & Co, felt the void herself and recognized that not everyone had the necessary support to excel and believe in themselves. That void, where your support system is not available and when you need to reframe your thoughts is where 26 & Co lands. 

When you surround yourself with positive messages, others get to see them too. The encouragement and empowerment on your apparel and home decor extends to yourself and them! How cool is that? With this type of support in mind, 26 & Co builds a gap between customers and community by donating a percentage of all proceeds to the homeless.

Want it?  Get it!
Head on over to 26 & Co. website and find the perfect gifts for all the Valentine's in your life.  You can also connect with 26 & Co. on Facebook and Instagram.  Be sure to check 26 & Co. out in our 2019 Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

Special thanks to my friends at 26 & Co. for allowing me to share about these amazing products.  It's so nice to find a company that reminds you how much you matter. 

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