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Show Some Love with Tastykake Treats for Valentine's Day! #MBPVDAY19

Thank you to Tastykake for providing me with samples. All thoughts are my own.

For the past week or so, all of my energy has been focused on Valentine's Day. As someone who has lived most of her life avoiding celebrating the holiday, I have found that my heart has really changed after having kids. I love to find little ways to show them how much I love them all year long, and Valentine's Day winds up being a big 'ol love-fest! It's hard not to go overboard when you just want to spoil the heck out of your little sweeties, but with so many other celebrations going on through the year, we try to stick with simple treats, and better yet, treats that won't break the bank!

Show Some Love with Tastykake Treats for Valentine's Day!

Tastykake's Valentine's Day variety sure is sweet!

When I was growing up, there were always Tastykake products in our kitchen. My dad loved Tastykake treats (still does), and it was like going on a treasure hunt to find them in the grocery store. My sister and I always felt like we hit the jackpot when we found the Tastykake display and were given permission to each pick out a treat.

My own little sweeties discovered their love for Tastykake products around the holidays. When we opened up a package of Valentine's Day treats from our favorite snack cake brand, we were instantly smitten! How could we not have been? With varieties like Powdered Sugar, Chocolate, and Crunch Mini Donuts, plus Sweetie Kakes, and Tender Loving Coconut Kakes, we were rolling in sweetness for Valentine's Day!

The Valentine's Day Sweetie Kakes are a delicious treat!

My kids couldn't wait to get their hands on these treats! Little Bean went right for the Powdered Sugar Mini Donuts, and I couldn't believe that she devoured almost an entire package (6 mini donuts) in under 15 minutes. Pretty impressive for a toddler. I loved sitting and having 'coffee time' with my girl on Valentine's Day, though! It was oh, so sweet!

My big guy fell in love with the Sweetie Kakes! They are cream-filled chocolate cupcakes (2-per pack) and iced with red icing and heart sprinkles for Valentine's Day! He thought these cakes were incredibly delicious and the next day, he was asking me to send them in his lunch box.

While the kids had their favorites, I had mine, as well- the Crunch Mini Donuts and Tender Loving Coconut Kakes were right up my alley. They offer sweet hints of coconut with a satisfying crunch.. and those little kakes are so dreamy!

Sweet on sweet- I am one lucky momma!

I'm lucky to have a couple of kids who don't mind that their mom isn't the best baker in the world, and treats them to delicious Tastykakes, instead of home-baked goods. After all, Tastykake products are freshly baked, and then individually packaged and sealed for freshness. I go by the dates on the packages or boxes, and am always amazed by how fresh the treats taste- they are always so moist and yummy! Thanks for always coming through, Tastykake!

Want them? Get them!

Tastykake products make great gifts!
Wrap up a few Tatsykake treat boxes and share them with friends and neighbors for Valentine's Day! Looking for a cool gift for teachers? Why not present them with a Tastykake Mini Donut Bouquet?

Head on over to Tastykake to check out all of their delicious baked goods, and other fun Tastykake merch! Be sure to look for Tastykake products in stores near you!

Connect with Tastykake on Facebook and Twitter.

Special thanks to Tastykake for sharing their Valentine's Day goodies with us! Be sure to look for them in our 2019 Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

Stay sweet & Happy Valentine's Day!

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