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Rainy Day Treasure Hunt: A Photo Journal

Stash this away in your "favorites" and pull it out the next time you're home with the kids on a rainy day! My in-laws came to visit recently and did the cutest thing. My father-in-law crafted a quick and easy "treasure hunt" for my boys and they absolutely loved it!

It doesn't require you to be overly creative or have advanced artistic skill. 

All you need is:
Children of any kind (I used the 6 and 8-year-old variety which seemed to work well.)

He started off by telling the boys that he had hidden clues all around the living room, kitchen and dining room and then he gave them their first clue.

This clue said, "Under the item that goes on your head" and the boys looked around and saw the hat sitting on a table. They lifted it up to find their next clue!

This clue brought them into the kitchen where the clue was hiding under the butcher block!

On this table, is a wooden d├ęcor item that says, "I believe in us". All the clue said was, "I believe in us" and the boys ran over to this table, lifted up the wooden block and discovered their next clue.

This is our playing card drawer where they found their next clue!

They found a clue on the windowsill!

This clue instructed them to look for the "flower of love" and my son knew exactly where it was.

They searched all over, saving each piece of paper with the clue. When all of the clues were found, they were instructed to bring the clues over to the table, turn them over and put together the puzzle.

Putting the pieces together.

When they read the message, they screamed and ran through the garage, into the backyard and up into their clubhouse. There, they found their "treasure" which you'll have to just use your imagination as to what that was. I will tell you they were beyond thrilled and had the best time! 

These are the types of moments I want my children to remember always. When they are 35, I would love to hear them reminisce of all the magical moments that made up their childhood. 

Would your kiddos enjoy an activity like this? Have you ever put together a treasure hunt for your kids? I want to do more fun things like this in 2019. Let this be the year of fun, friendship, and love. Let the treasure hunts begin!


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