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Perfect little gift to give your tween for Valentine's Day #SnapStar Dolls by YULU

Thanks to Yulu for the samples. All thoughts are my own.

My 9-year-old daughter is obsessed with "fashion games" whether it is apps on her tablet, playing fashion runway on Roblox on the Xbox, or just looking at the tween sites to see what the girls are wearing. She loves to dress her American Girls dolls in the hottest trends and playing salon and dress up are two of her favorite things.

When I got the email about #SnapStar... I KNEW it sounded right up her alley!!!

Lola, Aspen, Dawn, Yuki, Echo and Izzy each have a distinct personality and style. But here’s what makes this squad completely unique: #SNAPSTAR dolls are fully articulated and possible beyond almost any other fashion doll on the market.  Then use the unique #SNAPSTAR stand and green screen for literally countless poses and pics, without seeing the stand!  Tweens can turn their doll into a social media star as they pose, snap and share photos using #SNAPSTAR. Customize the dolls with dozens of customizable styling options for hair, makeup, accessories and more with the free #SNAPSTAR Studio app.

She had no idea what was in the boxes... and the packaging alone had her super excited! 

When she opened the box, right on top was the pictures of the 6 #SnapStar girls she could get. Of course, instantly she was studying them and saying "ohhhhh, Aspen is pretty! Look at Echo's hair!"

Inside she was super excited to find Aspen and Izzy! 

Aspen is a wide-eyed wanderer‚ she is always on the go and doesn't mind living out of her suitcase. Aspen wants to see the world and she wants her followers to come along for the ride! Aspen also loves decorating her place and collects treasures from all over the world to adorn her abode! When it comes to interior decor, all of the girls rely on Aspen's expert eye. #SNAPSTAR Aspen

Izzy is a master crafter. She is a green girl who loves the environment and is passionate about recycling. 

Inside of the box showing how to work the app, the green screen, and the stand.

Mk could not wait to try them out!!!! She was moving faster than I could read and open boxes for her! It took her no time to download the app and figure out how to work the green screen and the stand.

First photo shoot. Mk thought it was AWESOME that their hair comes off!! She took this pic of Aspen on the green screen.

Then she played on the app and found a new hairstyle for her.

Then she turned her into a DJ for the night!! 

She is having a BLAST with it!!! She loves that the dolls can be posed in a bazillion different ways. They can fly through the sky, sit at the beach, and bend their arm up to their mouth as to say "omgoodness… look what I can do!" 

Check out the video here to see them in action!


We think these dolls are AWESOME! The retail around the $15 price point and would be a great gift for your tween for Valentines! They mesh that digital world and our real world together in such a fun way. Mk has been playing with these endlessly all day long snapping pictures, swapping backgrounds and making up story's to tell us all about what her doll is doing, where's she has been, and how she decided what to edit in the pics.

are available to purchase online and in-store NOW at
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