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New Jersey-Based Beauty Company Genucel Continues to Show Its Support To Women Aware

Women Aware is an organization established back in 1981 and has been providing services to women and children of Middlesex in New Jersey. The list of services includes the provision of emergency support hotlines, art therapy, safety planning, educational courses, emergency shelter and more. Back in 2017, the organization received almost $2,000,000 in donations, the money going on to fund the services they provide. A disproportionate number of victims have low income, which means that providing clothing, food, emergency shelter, and preventive services takes a considerable amount of funding. Among the list of donors are Bristol Meyers Squibb, the Mary Kay Foundation, FEMA, the New Jersey Department of Justice, and Genucel.

Genucel is a cosmetics company based in New Jersey and a subsidiary of Charmonix. The company alongside Women Aware raised thousands of dollars as part of the annual Moving Beyond Abuse 5k Race & Charity Walk last year, with the money being used to prevent women as well as children from having to endure consistent abuse from their domestic partners or their parents. The beauty company contributed to the efforts, donating $5,000. The race took place on Sunday, the 11th of November, each registrant paying $45 in order to help support the free services that Women Aware are offering. It was the first time running the 5K event, and as a result of the turnout, it could be added as a continual fundraiser event.
When it comes to domestic abuse, recent statistics point out that in the span of around 20 seconds, across the nation, a person is getting abused by their domestic partner. Abuse is also not limited to gender, as close to 1 in 7 men are victims of severe domestic abuse, while almost 1 in 4 women are being abused in the United States. This rate seems to be higher in New Jersey than in other areas of the country, with an act of domestic violence being carried out once every 7 minutes. This highlights the state as being one which is in need of a reform as well as in need of help for survivors.

Domestic abuse can impact a person in different ways. Among common physical effects are bruises, fertility issues, broken bones, involuntary shaking, chronic fatigue, and more. The physical effects can be even more damaging to the overall health when coupled with mental effects, such as depression and anxiety. Other mental impacts can include alcohol and drug abuse, low self-esteem, PTSD, or suicidal thoughts or actions. Combined, the side effects are damaging to the overall aging and wellness of the body – with mental effects often times shortening the lifespan of an abuse victim as well as aging them considerably.

The Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race and Charity Walk is considered by Women Aware as being among their most important awareness and financial assets, due to the fact that it shows sustained community-wide support and it raises a significant amount of the organization’s yearly income.

About Genucel:

The New Jersey-based beauty company has been working with Women Aware for many years, past help including provisional donations, such as bags of beauty and basic toiletries to survivors who were part of the shelter of Women Aware.

When it comes to their products, Genucel has a proprietary formulation which includes Eyeseryl and plant stem cell, being designed to reduce the appearance of puffiness under the eyes. The products aim to have fast and positive effects. According to a spokesperson for the company, during a study conducted in-house, 70% of volunteers saw the appearance of puffiness reduced around the eyes after only 15 days. In addition, the skin care formulation includes goji berry extract, green tea leaf extract, and algae extract (among other ingredients), the ingredients being chose due to their ability to reduce the appearance of brow lines and crow’s feet.

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