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Gifts for the Athlete

It can often feel difficult to find the perfect gift for a passionate athlete. However, if you want to help bring a smile to the toughest competitor’s face, you will be happy to learn there are many products that can help you to do exactly that.
If you are looking for the perfect product for a marathon runner, boxer, or avid gymgoer, check out the following cool gifts for an athlete.

A Race Frame

One gift that’s sure to make an athlete smile from ear to ear is a race frame. It will be the perfect way for them to showcase their achievements across the home, as it could display a medal they received following the completion of a marathon, triathlon or swimming event. It can also feature photographs and their race bib from the event. Get in touch with Race Framers to create a medal frame that your loved one will treasure forever.

A TriggerPoint Massage Ball

Many athletes regularly experience minor aches and pains in their:
For this reason, they are bound to appreciate a TriggerPoint massage ball, which they can roll across a tense, tight muscle to soothe the aches and strains they feel and it could loosen up their body.

A GoPro Helmet Hero Camera

If your loved one is a passionate skier, cyclist, skateboarder or an all-round adrenaline junkie, they will be delighted with a GoPro Helmet Hero camera, which will help them to capture the thrill of a sport.

The high-definition camera will allow an athlete to professionally film a journey, and they’ll also be able to take 12-megapixel photographs in either a single photo or in time-lapse modes. It is the perfect way to capture a beautiful backdrop they will never want to forget when embarking on their favorite sporting activity.

Apple AirPods

As many athletes enjoy listening to music during training, you can trust your loved one will appreciate Apple AirPods, which will allow them to say goodbye to annoying wires when lifting weights, running, or cycling. Plus, as the AirPods have a 24-hour battery life, they’ll be able to use them during an extensive training session. So, they can pump up the volume and hit their performance goals.

Thermal Arm Warmers

If your loved one regularly heads out into the cold for an early-morning or late-night workout or training session, give them the gift of warmth with some thermal arm warmers. It’s an ideal present for runners, cyclists or hikers, as it will help their body to generate enough heat to keep them warm without making them overly hot.

Injinji Toesocks

Nothing can slow an athlete down quite like a painful blister. Make the problem a thing of the past by treating them to a pair of Injinji Toesocks, which can prevent troublesome blisters or crowding in their footwear. The CoolMax fabric can effectively reduce internal friction and moisture, preventing painful feet at the end of a tiring day.

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