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Fun to Eat Fruit is a Perfect Valentine's Gift for the Littles

Thank you to Fun to Eat Fruit for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

The candy makers know when a holiday is coming up and how to get us to buy their products. Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and more. The sugar overload can be a little much for the kiddos (and the parents). Luckily, companies like Fun to Eat Fruit provide healthier options that are still themed, perfect for giving at Valentine's Day. 
Fun to Eat Fruit is the brainchild of father of two, David. In a sugar and junk food filled world, he was trying to raise healthy eaters. He compared the fruit department to the candy aisle and there simply was no competition as the fruit had no appeal to kids.

The heart shapes on the apples are perfect for any day, but especially Valentine's Day. The heart image immediately caught Hendrix's attention and he wanted to eat that apple. I love the creative ingenuity behind the design of the edible images on Fun to Eat Fruit. Any way I can get my two boys to choose healthier options over junk food is a big win in my book.

The healthy snacks are also made to order for virtually any occasion:

  • birthday favors
  • wedding favors
  • reunion snacks
  • company outings
  • company promotions
  • and more!

Want it? Buy it!

Simply contact Fun to Eat Fruit for a quote as price depends on which fruit, design, and of course the quantity.

I have no doubt you'll be impressed by what Fun to Eat Fruit has to offer.

Order Fun to Eat Fruit's delicious edible fruit gifts for Valentine's Day. 


  1. What a very novel and unique product! My daughter would LOVE this!

    1. I thought the same! What a unique and clever way to make fruit more appealing.

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful post about our fruit! One of the lines in your post hit it home: "Any way I can get my two boys to choose healthier options over junk food is a big win in my book." And, that's why I invented Fun to Eat Fruit! Glad Hendrix like it, too!


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