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Fun Gift Ideas for an Engaged Couple

Marriage can be a beautiful experience, especially considering it’s something that happens between two people who love each other dearly. For this reason, when friends or family announce that they’re getting married, it can bring feelings of happiness and excitement your way. Many couples begin celebrating by throwing engagement parties which can be outright lavish or more reserved. To help them celebrate, you may decide that you want to get them a gift or help contribute to the wedding in one way or another. With that being said, here are fun gift ideas that you can get an engaged couple.

Tickets to a Show

If you know that your friends or family enjoy a good show, why not get them tickets to see something you think they’d enjoy? You could check sites like Groupon for deals which include a meal and a theater show. A few popular shows at the moment include Hamilton, Dear Evan Hanson, and the Book of Mormon.  

Pay for a Vendor

If you aren’t the best at choosing physical gift items, consider paying for a vendor instead. Doing so could prove to be an unforgettable gift as vendors can be pretty expensive! Having one less to pay for could mean a lot to the couple. Perhaps consider hiring the services of Event Bartenders seeing as drinks are an important part of a wedding celebration.

His and Hers Robes

If you want to get something simple and functional as an engagement gift, you could get them his and hers robes. This is an item that can be worn around the house and may also help make them feel connected. To take it a step further, why not get the robes engraved with their initials or pet names that they may have for one another? You can usually order these robes online at stores like Macys or eBay.

Custom Last Name Doormat

To add a personal touch to their home as a couple, a doormat is another excellent idea. After all, it is something that most people use, and as with the robes, you can get it personalized with something like their last name.


One thing that newlyweds are likely to do is to spend time eating meals and engaging in heartfelt conversations. For this reason, you should get them a newlywed cookbook that is full of recipes that they can try together. This is an engagement gift that they should appreciate, especially if they enjoy eating and cooking! You can write a special message on the inside of the book so that every time they open it; you come to mind.


If you want a gift that signifies the beginning of life and growth, you should get the couple a plant. It’s a chance to grace their home with something positive as well as give them something they can nurture and care for. A good plant to buy as a gift is the Amaryllis which is known to flourish indoors during the winter. It also doesn’t require much maintenance, making it ideal for a busy newlywed couple.

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