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Four Stylish Suggestions for Your Other Half

Take one look around the men’s section in any store and you will start to realize that there is actually quite a glaring problem when it comes to men’s style; there is usually half of the number of options that women have. Colors typically range in the white, grey, or black, and there is little variation between the biggest stores in the middle market. It’s no wonder your significant other is having a hard time dressing as stylish as you, but with this guide, you can both work towards a better, more unique look for him.

What to Remember Before You Start

Helping your significant other find better clothes is perfectly acceptable. It can even help make the process fun. What you should never do is dress him how you want to dress him without his consent or input. At the end of the day style is very personal, so buy him clothes he will like or styles that he wants to try out. Yes, you can suggest he try something on to see if he likes it, but he always has the final say.

To help your other half be more stylish, try out these top four tips:

Go Through Their Closet

The first step to anyone reinventing their style is to go through what they already have. Any clothes that are tattered, old, out of shape, too small or too big should go. If there is something he likes in this pile, make a note of it, because your first step will be to find a better fitting, better quality version.

Once you have everything cleared out, you can then work on filling in the gaps of the wardrobe he has now, as well as have a clear idea on what new styles he can try out that will compliment what he already has.

Invest in Better Quality Clothes

When shopping, skip the fast fashion and head to better quality brands. Not only will they be designed better, the craftsmanship will be far superior. Nothing can make a style sense look horrible faster than clothes that are falling apart at the seams. By investing in better brands like Gloverall, who not only pride themselves on their craftsmanship but also source their material from UK suppliers, you can give your clothes that feel great, perform perfectly, and last for years.

Get Everything Tailored

Dress shirts, blazers, dress pants – all of his work gear should be taken to the tailor immediately. It will make him look like a million bucks.

Tip: While you’re there, bring your own clothes that could do with a personal fitting.

Give Him Style Inspiration

Building up a great, stylish wardrobe takes time and creativity. Instead of rushing through the mall in an attempt to buy everything new at once, give it time. In the meantime give him style inspiration from social media, to magazines, and even to people on the street. This should encourage him to look for style inspiration wherever he goes, and help him decide on what trends he really likes and wants to adopt.

Style is a very personal thing, but it can be improved. Clearing out your wardrobe can help you see where there are gaps, and buying great quality clothes and getting them tailored to you can make any outfit look spectacular.

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