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Every Drum a Starter Drum Set Should Contain

Everyone at some point or another has entertained the notion of playing drums. You may be prone to tapping out a simple rhythm at random times, but have you ever considered taking up this hobby more seriously?

The biggest obstacle most people face that impedes their desire to play drums is not knowing what type of drum set to begin with. The following is a quick guide to the basic drums you will need in a starter drum kit.

The Holy Trinity
Also known as the snare, bass drum and hi hat, these are the 3 basic elements in any drum set. They are the building blocks of most drum rhythms typically used to break the beats down into smaller increments. These are generally the first part of your set you will upgrade.

Snare -  This is the main drum in a drum set. The snare is mounted upon a stand that is positioned between the drummer’s knees. The sound has been compared to a gunshot by some. There are innumerable combinations of snare materials and models. To find the best one for your kit, browse the best snare drums from DCP. Their large selection will give you several to choose from.

Bass Drum - Also known as the kick drum it is usually the largest drum in the set.  It is placed on its side fairly close to the middle of the entire set and it is played with a foot pedal. In some cases, two pedals are used. It creates the deepest sounds and typically is played on the downbeat.

Hi Hat - The hi hat is comprised of two cymbals on top of each other next to the snare drum. It can either be played using the pedal, which increases and reduces the pressure between the two cymbals, or it can be hit with drumsticks. The less the pressure, the greater the ringing sound they will produce. When you depress the pedal, it makes a sharp staccato sound. 

These three items are in every drum set.  Most drummers purchase these items many times over the years continually searching for a drum with the perfect tone.

Toms, sometimes called tom toms, are the majority of the other drums that make up the drum set. The sound they produce is more hollow and resonant than a snare and the pitch will vary depending on the size of the tom. 

Many starter sets will have one or two toms that are mounted to the bass drum as well as a larger tom that stands on its own. Toms a set up in an arc of descending tones with the highest tone closest to the snare and the lowest on the opposite side of the set.

Besides the hi hat most drummers starting out will need a ride cymbal and some sort of crash cymbal. The ride is mostly mounted to a stand and is located above the floor tom. A crash cymbal is used as to accentuate a beat. The number of cymbals you need is based on the type of music you will play. 

For Your First Kit, Go For Simplicity

Most drummers starting out won’t be sure about what they need. Many drummers think that less is more while others think you need a huge set with numerous options. A general rule for a starter set is to go with a 5 piece kit (snare, bass, 2 mounted toms and 1 floor tom) with a hi hat, ride cymbal and one splash cymbal. This is a versatile sized kit that can be used to play almost all styles of music. Many music stores have sets this size with all the equipment you will need to start out.

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