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Do you vacation without your kids?!?

Do you vacation without your kids?!? 
This was my husband and I's 15 year wedding anniversary. We went to Disneyland in California for the first time in our lives. We are a big Disney family... and travel together to Florida to Walt Disney World each year.  Our plan was to hit the west coast solo. We were first going to go to Vegas... then head to Disneyland. We had a solid plan... then the guilt kicked in. How could we go to Disneyland and NOT take the kids??? What if we never went back? Even though it was our 15 year anniversary... how could we do it without the kids??? 

So here we are!!! We all went! LOL. 

It was amazing and magical and all that a family vacation should be. We had an amazing time in Disneyland together. But it was our 15 year anniversary. It would have been lovely to just hang with my husband. Why did the guilt hit me so hard??? I will never forget the look on my husbands face when I told him I booked everything for this trip... but that the kids were going! LOL! 

So fast forward 3 years. We are having the conversation again. Should we (COULD we) go on vacation without the kids? I mean if I am being honest... my husband and I don't do much without the kids! We rarely even go out for a bite to eat without them. And we are doing a family cruise this year with my parents, my brother and his family, and the 5 of us.... so they will get their big vacation! It's okay for mom and dad to get away and go by themselves too, right?!

Well I'm saying YES!!! And I've made it farther into the planning this time! I have our hotel booked and our plans laid out. I have even broke the news to the kids that Daddy and I are going on a trip.... and not just any trip... that we are going on a trip to  Disney WITHOUT them! At first they didn't believe me. I actually had to show them the reservation for just hubs and I in my Disney planning app for them to believe me. Initially, they were upset, but once we explained it a little more and told them what we were doing (like dad and I aren't just riding Expedition Everest and Rockin Rollercoaster all day long... We are going to go to lots of fancy dinners that we never want to take you to cause none of you want sushi and to sit in a restaurant for 3 hours!) they seemed pretty okay with it. And I'm not going to lie... it feels FANTASTIC to have this plan. To know that my hubby and I are going to get some time to ourselves. To vacation without the 3 monkeys. To rest, relax, and enjoy one of our favorite places and do the things we want to do without chasing them all over the magical lands. I plan on keeping you all in the loop... from our planning, to the actual trip, to after the trip... because when it comes to Disney... I can talk about it for DAYS! 

So what about you guys? Do you vacation without the kids? 

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