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Decluttering Your Inbox in 2019

Looking at a cluttered inbox can be overwhelming, especially if one is in need of handling the urgent emails without having to deal with the non-urgent ones. It is especially annoying and frustrating when the majority of the emails are the predictable, recurrent type. The good news, however, is that this problem can be solved using various apps. One of them is Unroll.Me, which is a free app that enables one to organize their emails. The technology allows the inbox to accommodate the essential emails while hiding or placing the other emails within the app. These non-urgent emails can be read at a later time. Additionally, Unroll.Me also enables users to unsubscribe from email services that they do not want or no longer need.

Unroll Me has increased its effectiveness because both iPhone and Android users can use it. Initially, it was only beneficial to the consumers who had an iPhone. Using this app is not complicated even though one has to research about it before downloading it. It is also important to note that one’s Android version has to be a recent one since the old ones may have trouble accommodating the app.
Unroll.Me can be downloaded from the app store without any charges. After finishing this step, the Unroll.Me app will align with the email inbox where it will enable the user to swipe through previews. During this stage, one can choose to rollup, unsubscribe, or leave emails in the inbox. It is important to note that this part of the process allows the user to see all their subscriptions, even those that were made in the past. When one swipes to the left, they are unsubscribing, which means that no other emails from the particular sender will end up in the inbox in the future. It is also relevant to note that the no-view list can be reviewed or edited at any time.

A user who wants to rollup, which is the next step of this decluttering process, has to swipe up. The items in the rollup category of the Unroll Me app will end up in the rollup daily digest because they will have bypassed the inbox. When a user chooses to swipe right, the inbox will continue to receive subscribed emails. The app allows users to switch between accounts through the app’s settings section. This technological solution can work with different accounts including AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and iCloud.

Unroll Me was started in 2011 by a team of professionals in the technology world. Two of them are Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald who hold the positions of CEO and COO, respectively. The other two are Perri Gorman and Steven Greenberg. However, in 2014, the company was acquired by Slice Technologies, which is also part of Rakuten. This move allows Unroll Me to focus on developing technology and leaves the business aspect of the entity to Slice Technologies. Unroll.Me makes use of various digital elements such as Google Analytics, G suite, and Wordpress, among others.

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