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Best Supplements for Cutting Weight

Whether you are training to build general strength or are more into sculpting, you already know that eating a fair amount of food, of the right kind and at the right times is important for success; although it may often be difficult or even impossible to find the time to do this consistently.

If you are struggling to cut weight while building muscle you probably need some help to reach your goals, and taking the right kind of supplements is a convenient way to find it. Here we share the lowdown on some of the best supplements around for shifting the fat without hurting muscle mass. Read more about cutting waiting and gaining muscle mass through Hypertrophia.com.
Whey protein powder
This complete protein is packed with all the nutrients and amino acids your body really needs, helping to both build and repair muscles and boost metabolism, which in turn burns more energy – fuelled by those fat reserves. Whey powder is easy for your body to digest, and as it contains a good level of the amino acid known as L-leucine which metabolizes the benefits much faster than normal, it is great for consuming right before and directly after your workout.
You can buy tasty whey protein bars or use the powder to make your own shakes, whatever is more convenient. If you're using powder, consider trying to Revitalize Your Health with Phyto-Perfect Protein plus Greens for the best results and flavours. You still need to keep an eye on calorie intake with this kind of supplement, but opting for the reduced calorie options and getting the rest of your daily protein needs from whole food will do the job just fine.
This amino acid plays multiple roles in your body, but in this case the most important is that it strengthens muscle and encourages it to grow rather than break down, and it also improves your overall strength and endurance ability. In turn, this increased muscle mass leads to higher levels of fat burning, so you win all ways round. You can get a daily fix of glutamine with no fuss by adding 5 – 10 grams into a shake or simply water.
Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)
The term BCAAs refers to three amino acids – isoleucine, valine, and leucine – which are essential for health but sourced from protein rather than being made in the body. They are important for people who train because they repair muscles and keep them strong enough to burn more fat, which is what lean muscle does.
Our body produces creatine naturally in the liver, kidney and pancreas before sending it out to be transformed into another energy supplier to those all demanding muscles. Taking a creatine supplement helps your muscles stay strong and keep burning fat, even during a workout when energy levels are being fully drawn on.

These are some of the most popular supplements used to help cut weight, but it’s not an exhaustive list by any means. You may also want to consider a daily multi-vitamin, and a supplement covering essential fatty acids- as you’d find in fish oil, which has been shown to help increase weight loss in dieters.

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