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Beautify Yourself Seamlessly On the Go with Pocket Palette

Thank you to Pocket Palette for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I taught for 6.5 years before staying home and there were some early mornings where I totally forgot to do my makeup. No one wants to haul around an entire makeup bag or have double the makeup to have at work or wherever you may need it. Pocket Palette would've been perfect for me to just have in my purse or left at school on those occasions when I forgot to put on makeup.

Lynda's inspiration for Pocket Palette came on an early morning train ride. Since no one wants to wake up earlier than necessary, Lynda packed some makeup in sandwich bags to apply on the way and then dispose of when she was finished. 

While in her second semester of business school at George Washington University, Lynda overheard girls talking in the bathroom about how inconvenient it was to carry an entire makeup bag along with other school materials and they didn't want to have to put their makeup bags on the germy bathroom counter. Lynda asked these girls if they'd be interested in a sandwich bag with multiple compartments for makeup. 

Of course they were interested!

Lynda started creating a prototype in February in 2016 then a Kickstarter in 2017. May 2018 brought the exciting first shipment of Pocket Palette. 

Pocket Palette is not only a convenient way to carry the perfect amount of makeup, but it gives you that extra boost of confidence when you need it. 

  • Job interviews
  • Mid-day touch-ups
  • Woke up late and don't have time at home
  • Presentations
  • Wedding day touch-ups
Pocket Palette is the easiest way to now do your makeup anywhere. 

I don't wear full blown foundation, blush, mascara, lipstick, etc. on a daily basis. I am usually a mascara, eye shadow, and lip balm wearer. Pocket Palette was very appealing to me because it is so easy to use and a perfect amount of makeup.

Here you can see the before and after pictures.

The cream to apply to my face was light and blended easily. I was skeptical about the lip/cheek cream because it seemed a little too bright for me, but I really liked the look after I applied it. The mascara and brush were super easy to use and it seemed to be just the right amount. -

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