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4 Life-Changing Car Hacks You Need to Try

Have you ever stopped to think about the little things that bug you about your car? I don't usually have the time to stop and think about things like that when I am in my own car. I'm likely running kids here and there, frustrated by all of the junk that winds up on the floor of the backseat. I do notice the little nit-picky things that irritate me about the car when I get into my husband's car, though. I'm the passenger in that vehicle and have a spare minute to notice the crumbs, balled up receipts and tissues, and dust everywhere.
We'll look at our partner and claim that we don't have time to stop and clean the car, but actually, there are little life hacks that we could be using in our cars that would save us time, money, and headaches!

Check out the 4 Car Hacks You Need to Try!

#1 Muffin Tin Liners
What in the world do you need a muffin tin liner for in the car? Glad you asked! They are the perfect size for placing in cup holders! I like to use the silicone muffin tin liners in our cars. If you stop and look down into the cup holders in your car, what will you find? Ours were all sticky, gross, dust-covered, and filled with little things like coins, paper clips, etc. Using the silicone liner gives you the opportunity to pop it out and wash it if it becomes sticky or gross. Clean liners can also be used as snack bowls in a pinch. They can also be great for catch-all purposes. It's much easier to take one of these out and wash it than it is to scrub a sticky mess out of a tight spot in the car.

#2 Popsicle Mold
My kids love making homemade popsicles. I have picked up lots of vertical popsicle molds through the years because you never know when you need a quick project for the kids or a fun way to make a treat. My husband asked why we needed so many molds, and I really didn't have a good answer- until I discovered that the 4-slotted mold is perfect for use in the car! Yes! It fits perfectly in the center console in the car, and all of those little things like loose change, earbuds, various car chargers all fit nicely into the mold pockets! When we travel during the summertime, we sort change in one of these, and that way, we always have change handy if we happen upon tolls!

#3 Zip Pouches
Okay, so for this one, I would not go for plastic zip bags, rather canvas, cotton or mesh bags with a zipper closure. Small sized packing cubes could also work. I like to organize items that we *might* need in the car in zippered pouches, which can be easily reached by my 8-year-old. We have a pouch for nonperishable snacks, like granola bars and juice boxes. We also have loose paper, drawing pads, coloring books, and crayons. We have a pouch for first aid items, and another for small books and toys. I also keep a toddler pouch in the car with additional clothing, pull-ups, and wipes for my toddler.

#4 Meal Caddies
You know those Dollar Store plastic caddies? They're brightly colored, and often used to store cleaning supplies, baby items or art supplies. My hack takes those caddies to the car! There 1 caddy per person in each of our vehicles, and we use them as meal caddies. If you've ever eaten a meal on the road- fast food or otherwise, you already know what a disaster that can be. I usually wind up passing food out from the passenger seat and half of it is dropped on the floor by my kids- waste of money, crying kiddos, frustrated mom! I place food items side by side in the caddies. There's usually enough room to place the entree, side, and drink in each caddy. I then hand the caddy to each passenger, and they hold the caddy in their lap, so they're not forced to t to juggle holding food while they try to eat. I place the driver's caddy in the center console, so they can easily reach their food, and I also get my own, which frees up my hands to help whoever needs help while we share a meal on the road. Genius, right?

The next time you take a trip with your family, you need to give these car hacks a try!

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