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Why It's So Important for Women to Choose the Right Lawyer

While it is important for everyone to take special consideration when trying to find a lawyer, it is even more imperative for women to do so. As much as we would like to believe the contrary, women still are not treated equally as men. They often must work harder to be seen on the same plane as men. They must endure micro-aggressions that discredit them on the basis of gender. And often, they must argue for equal pay to perform the same job that men perform but get paid more for.

It is vital for women to choose the right divorce lawyer for them to ensure that they are represented fairly. Below are just a few reasons why it is important for women to choose the right lawyer and how to make sure you do.

1.      Get the Respect You Deserve

Some people have an implicit bias that makes them respect men more than women. It is imperative that your lawyer does not fall into this category. Unfortunately, some people view women as weak and docile. If your lawyer does not respect you, then they will be unlikely to work as hard as they can for you.

Hiring a lawyer who respects women means you get the professional treatment you deserve. Some ways to ensure this are to make sure that your lawyer does not interrupt you or negate your opinions and that they always address you politely. These are some tell-tale signs of respect that you can easily check for in your first consultation.

2.      Be Taken Seriously

Not everyone respects the opinions, feelings, and beliefs of women. Unfortunately, many people are prone to disbelieve women. If your lawyer does not believe your side of the story, then it is highly unlikely that they will help you to win your case. You need to find a lawyer who can be compassionate and who will tell your story with passion and with facts to sway the opinion of a judge or jury, especially if they have experience in legal secondments.

Find a lawyer who listens to you and tries their hardest to understand the story from your point of view. If it seems like they disinterested and are merely treating you like a number, then you may want to keep looking before signing any paperwork.

Fortunately, there are many lawyers who in fact do take seriously the experiences and testimonies of women, not just as clients but as individuals. If you are in Florida, then Dennis Hernandez & Associates can help. They are a personal injury law firm based in Tampa. For the number of disrespectful and biased lawyers, there are just as many law firms that are known for their commitment to gender equality and the fair treatment of women.

3.      Protect Those Most Important to You

Many women have a motherly instinct that compels them to put others before themselves. If you fall into this category, then you need to find a lawyer who understands the importance of those closest to you. You may be seeking the help of a lawyer because of something that happened to you, but your underlying reasons may have to do with a hope to care for your loved ones in the future. A lawyer who understands and respects this viewpoint will be able to represent your case.

The Takeaway

Getting into a situation where you need the help of a lawyer can be intimidating, but you don’t need to be afraid to ask for the assistance you need. You just may need to be a little more cautious if you are a woman. Do not be scared to ask tough questions to make sure that your potential lawyer will serve your best interests, respect you, and take you seriously. 

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