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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Time for Some Changes

Happy Saturday, friends! This was our first full week back at school since our winter break and it felt like the longest week ever. As much as I dislike having to making snow days up in the summer, I was hoping and wishing for a blizzard every day, just to get a break. Sadly, we didn't get a snow day, but now the weekend is here and it's time to focus on making a few changes.

Because I feel the need to organize and move things around when I am feeling stressed, it's time to make some changes in our kitchen. Sadly, no major renovations will be going on in the small, square room with minor ceiling damage. Today, the focus will be on making it more "user-friendly". The plan is to go through all of the cabinets and get rid of what I am not using. The main goal is to find a space for my new pots and pans. 

After the cabinets are settled, we'll work on the countertops. Much like my dining room table, they act as a clutter magnet. I am going to move a few small appliances around, including my coffee maker, because I have an idea for a coffee station. I hope it works the way I am hoping. 

After the kitchen, we'll head to the dining room and hopefully the living room. I'm not sure when my life became so exciting, and I'm sorry to be so braggy.  I hope your weekend is full of as much excitement as mine will be.😉 Seriously though, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Uh oh, you just reminded me that I've been telling myself I need to organize the kitchen cabinets. Lol, they are seriously a mess.

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