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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- It's a New Day!

Happy Saturday, friends! If you stopped by the blog yesterday, you know I was feeling quite peevish about a bunch of things, from feeling like I am not focusing enough on the important things in life to a lack of snow. Don't get me wrong, I didn't really want the snow as much as I wanted a snow day, but now it looks like we'll be getting some snow this weekend, which will give me the chance to spend the next 3 days focusing on the most important "things" in my life- my sweet girls and my husband!

After posting yesterday, I went about my day, with the only "me time" happening during that little bit of time after I dropped R off at school and before I had to go to work. D had early dismissals all week and has been beating me home, which was actually quite nice, especially yesterday. She must have sensed something as she was very open to spending time with me, so we played Uno a few times before having to leave again to get R from school. As usual, she won, but it was just so nice to have that time with her. 

After everyone fell asleep last night, I was up late trying to stay ahead in the laundry game and just thinking about life. The last few months have felt pretty crazy, to me, but each day, including today, brings its own charm and wonderfulness. I will try to hold onto all of the awesome more so I have less room for the crud! 

I hope that your weekend is amazing and offers you many reasons to smile and feel joy!

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