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Struggling with Resolutions

My idea was to be a better person for the 2019 year.  I wanted to have more patience, work harder to please people in my professional life, and learn to find the beauty in every day. The first 2 weeks of January have not been successful with this.  I do not feel that I have made an advancements on these personal goals but I am still working on it.

I love my job and I know that I am good at it but I also know that you cannot make everyone like you despite your best efforts.  This week has been a hard one with some of the most difficult interactions with people that I have ever had.  I was taught to treat people with respect and in turn you would get that same respect.  This week I struggled to see that from others.  While I feel discouraged in my goals not being met I know tomorrow starts a new and fresh week. 

On a personal level, I am finding that my patience has grown almost as much as my heart.  With our recent pet adoption and to the changes in C's career I am finding more and more reasons to be thankful for the New Year despite my struggles to make my resolutions.  So if you are struggling like me just remember change cannot happen overnight, but you can only change what you do and not what others are doing.  There is a misconception that a resolution needs to incorporate both. 


  1. As long as you are working on your goals, you are a success. Not everyone will like/appreciate you, and that is THEIR issue, not yours.

  2. You can’t give up, push on! You just started and like everything in life, when you’re handed lemons 🍋 make lemonade! I don’t know how old you are, but you might have a lot of years to work through & you can’t expect to be fixed over night! Plus you have children watching you; be careful in that area.
    Please forgive my bluntness. Life isn’t a popularity contest! Pleasing other people is not our job! Who are they to judge? That’s God’s job! You’re robbing yourself of some good times! Please just concentrate on you and yours! Forgive those that have offended you and wash your hands of everything negative 👎🏻 Believe me you’ll sleep better and wake up refreshed! I like you and wish you well!!

  3. I had sepsis back in February and March, and after two months bed-ridden, I was so weak I couldn't walk. I've spent the months since then in physical therapy regaining the use of my arms and legs. I can now use my arms and I can walk about 23 feet. My resolution is just to get back to normal. Who knew normal could be a goal, lol??


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