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Pamper Your Sweetie This Valentine's Day With Zingerman's Breakfast In Bed

Thank you to Zingerman's for providing me with product to review. All thoughts shared below are my own. 

Valentine's Day is dangerously close, everyone! Maybe your guy or girl enjoys a shiny, new piece of jewelry or even something practical like a new vacuum cleaner. Whichever direction you are leaning toward this Valentine's Day, I highly recommend beginning the day with a delicious breakfast in bed provided by Zingerman's Mail Order!

The friendly folks at Zingerman's were generous enough to send me their Breakfast Box which is a beautiful assortment of baked goods, jams and more! 

The Breakfast Box is $85 and serves 10-12 people. I can't emphasize enough how delicious these items are. I had never tried a currant scone and neither had any of the guys in my family. Sometimes kids can be somewhat picky so I wasn't sure what to expect when I handed them each a half of a currant scone. Their eyes got large and they started squealing through their full mouths! They loved it.

Cheddar Herb Scones, Currant Scones, British fruit jams, Signature Sour Cream Coffee Cake and even a bag of High Flyer Coffee Grounds!

Serving your sweetie breakfast in bed with some of these treats from Zingerman's is going to start your day with love, affection and possibly most importantly: FULL bellies!

I immediately had to try the sour cream coffee cake. With it's moist cinnamon and walnut center and crisp top crust, it's almost like eating a decadent pound cake your grandmother would make. 

For me to get the full experience, I brewed a pot of High Flyer coffee and served myself a warmed slice of coffee cake to go with. This cake was absolutely incredible! The box comes with instructions for how to best serve their baked goods and one recommendation is to slightly heat them. Do not skip this step because it adds richness and the cake melts in your mouth!

Zingerman's has SO many different food boxes, meats, cheeses, baked goods, coffee, tea, condiments, balsamic vinegar and the list goes on. I would not be able to list everything Zingerman's has to offer but you can see for yourself the variety of options. With ingredients this fresh and natural, you are going to immediately notice the difference in quality when you bite into a Zingerman's food item! 

Read all about how Zingerman's originated and all of the different locations and specialty shops located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

The 6-piece sampler box is also perfect for Valentine's Day! The cookies and brownies are huge and worth every bit of the $36 dollars for the box. This box is customizable and you can choose pecan blondies, lemon cookies, black magic brownies, raspberry pattie pockets, country scones and MORE. Show someone just how special they are to you this Valentine's Day with a special delivery from Zingerman's. 

Want it? Get It!

You can visit Zingerman's Mail Order and peruse their gigantic selection of goodies to decide which item you want to buy! Stay connected with Zingerman's on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

I want to thank our friends at Zingerman's once more for partnering with me to share their amazing products with all of our readers!


Morning meeting on Thursday?  Company coming over this weekend? Either way this solves a problem that your lack of baking cannot.

Our gift box include three Currant and three Cheddar Herb Scones, our nosher-sized Sour Cream Coffee Cake, a few small jars of British Preserves and our High Flyer Coffee ground for drip. Serves 10-12.


  1. Oh, man, those scones look so moist and delicious. I need those in my life!

  2. This all looks so delicious. You had my attention at the sour cream coffee cake!

  3. I would love to try the sour cream coffee cake that is made with organic flour.


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