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How To Be A Great Parent

There is a reason the title of this article does not refer to being a ‘perfect parent’. Trying to be perfect will be an impossible task, and all that will happen is that you will become stressed and feel guilty, which isn’t what parenting is about at all.

It is possible to be a great parent, however, and this article will give you some useful tips on how to achieve this. It is likely that you already implement at least some of these ideas, and perhaps you have others of your own to add to the mix – every parent is different, after all.

Lead By Example
A good piece of advice for any parent, no matter how many children they have or how old those children are, is to lead by example. A child who sees their parent doing something is likely to copy it, and that’s a great thing as long as the parent was doing something positive. Therefore, before you take any action or make any decision, think about what you want your children to see, and how you want them to act in their own lives. This will help you to show them how to behave appropriately at all times.

Show Love
It is normal to make mistakes as parents, and we can all say or do things we wish we could take back, but something that we should never forget about or neglect in any way is showing our children that we love them. You can do this by:

  • Giving them a hug
  • Telling them, you’re proud of them
  • Holding their hand
  • Kissing them
  • Telling them, you love them
  • Never feel embarrassed or ashamed to show love to your child both in public and at home. They will always appreciate it, and it will give them the confidence they need in later life to do their own thing, knowing you will always be there for them. 

Prepare For The Future
Parents have a love-hate relationship with the future; they love the idea that their children will grow up to be happy and successful members of society, but they hate the idea that the children will no longer need them as much as they once did. Despite this, the future will come, and it is best to be prepared for it.

Ideally, you will want to put money aside for your children’s education or so that you can help them purchase their first home. It’s also a good idea to have life insurance in place so that, should the worst happen, your children will be financially secure. If you choose a 20 year term life insurance policy that will pay off your mortgage and give them a lump sum, you are doing exactly what is needed to be a great parent.

Take Time For Yourself
Although you love your children and want to be there for them, sometimes, to be a great parent, you need to step away and take some time for yourself. It might be a five-minute break where you can meditate; it could be a half an hour nap, or perhaps an hour in a relaxing bathtub.

Maybe you need a little longer, and you choose to go shopping for the day and treat yourself to a cake and coffee while you’re out, or perhaps you will go away for the weekend with friends.

Do what you need to do in order to recharge and be a great parent when you return.

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