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How Do You Protect Your Privacy Online?

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Lucky for me, I'm married to a tech wizard. He knows the ins and the outs of protecting our accounts online as well as other things like our video baby monitor. It can be a dangerous world on the web so make sure you're protecting yourself and your information. 

Our household is a fan of Google. We have Google phones, devices, and email. Google security seems pretty good and neither of us has ever had any issues. I appreciate that if I'm signing into my email on a new device that it will text me a code to enter. This extra step gives me a little more confidence and peace of mind. I don't have much experience with other email servers so maybe they are similar. If there is a way to add that extra step of security, do it.

When I was pregnant with my youngest, I had heard horror stories of people being able to "break in" to video baby monitors. Jon was able to put a password in so that you have to be connected to our WiFi and be signed in to use the video monitor. We have yet to have an issue. 

Passwords! Passwords can be a huge issue. Jon introduced me to LastPass. It generates passwords for you and can remember all of them for you. Your passwords are now more difficult to guess and are all in one program for your convenience. On your personal device, you can have it fill in your usernames and passwords if you save them to LastPass. 

I do keep my social media pretty private as well. 

How do you protect your own privacy online? 


  1. Online privacy is such a huge issue now. I make sure to protect our kids privacy by not posting any pictures of them on social media.

    1. It is so scary! I feel like social media puts me on edge as a parent.

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