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Happy New Year!

The craziness of the holidays is over and the new year is upon us. 2019. Amazing. I know they say time flies, but it really has for me with kid #2. All month, really, I've been thinking about 2019 and how I can make it better for myself and my family. 
I've decided on 3 major resolutions:

  1. Continue working towards a healthier lifestyle
  2. Minimize
  3. Work to spend more quality time with the kids and go on more adventures before H starts preschool in the fall
1. Be Healthier

I'm still nursing Maverick so I'm still eating pretty well because I need those extra calories and nutrients. Once I stop nursing this year, I'll be able to lose a little more weight and can hopefully get back into a routine again. I want to teach my kids to eat a balanced diet and lead an active lifestyle always. 

2. Minimize

Really this applies to everything in my life. I've recently gotten some anxiety because I'm just surrounded by so much stuff, everywhere. 

My friend had said she was having a garage sale in the fall so I packed up a bunch of stuff, then it didn't happen. I plan to really purge kid clothes and toys this winter and this spring. 

Once I'm done nursing and am down to a weight that seems like it will be my norm, I plan on purging my own clothes since I have so many. It is overwhelming to look in the closet or my dresser to find an outfit. I simply do not need so many options when I wear usually the same clothes anyways. 

3. Spend Quality Time with the Kids

I do this every day or I strive to do it every day, but I really want to make the beginning of this year count even more since H will start preschool this fall. I want to take every opportunity to meet up with friends, go to museums, play in the parks, and spend time with family. The last 3.5 years have gone by so quickly and I want to savor the the time that both boys are home all day, every day. 

What are your resolutions? Are they new or different? 

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