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Get Up And Go, These Workouts Can Be Done With Your Kids

Do you keep thinking that you should work out more? Are you always worrying that your kids should be getting healthy too? The good news is that there are lots of ways in which you can work out with your little ones in ways that you’ll both enjoy and which will help you both to shape up and get fit.
Let’s take a look at some ways to exercise that you’ll all enjoy.

Let’s Dance
If you have a PlayStation or Xbox, playing Let’s Dance as a family is a brilliant way to work out without realizing that you’re actually doing exercise. You’ll have a huge laugh together as you try to follow the moves, and the kids will be tricked into thinking that you’re all just playing video games, not exercising! You’ll really boost your cardio and you could even learn some new dance moves too!
Go For A Hike
Getting outside in the great outdoors is a brilliant way to get fit while you enjoy yourselves outside the home. Head to the coast or the countryside and explore your local area with the family in tow. You can make it even more fun by trying Geocaching or having a scavenger hunt at the same time. The kids will have a really fun time and you’ll all get some fresh air and some exercise.
Take A Bike Ride
No matter where you live, as long as the whole family has a bike it’s time to jump on it and go for a ride. It’s always best if you live near a trail or cycle path, but heading out as a family on two wheels isn’t just a fun bonding experience, it’s also a lot of good exercise too. It’ll get your heart pumping and it’ll help tone your legs too. Bonus!
Take A Swim
Which kid doesn’t love going for a swim? Whether in the sea, a lake or your local swimming pool, taking to the water to get fit is yet another clever way of tricking little ones into exercising without realizing it. As they splash around in the water, they’ll be raising their heart rate and toning their arms and legs, and you can enjoy all the benefits too. Try having a family race – it’ll be interesting to find out who wins!
Play Basketball
Do you have a basketball hoop in your yard? If so, it’s time to have a family game. Who can shoot the most hoops? Make sure you’re all wearing clothes which make you feel comfortable and head out to the yard with a ball. Jumping and running around after the ball is sure to get you all hot and sweaty and your heart will really benefit from all that exercise. The kids will just think you’re all having a lot of fun!
Baby Yoga
If you have a smaller child, that doesn’t mean that you can’t work out together. There are now baby yoga classes where you can work out with your little one, using them as a weight to improve your fitness. You’ll enjoy meeting other Moms and Dads and your little one will forge new friendships from being a baby!
Go For A Park Run
Park runs are open to anyone. You can be old or young, it doesn’t matter. The point is that you’re all in it together and there’s no pressure to be the first across the finish line. It’s all about getting fit and enjoying yourself so what better way to enjoy getting healthy with your family? You’re sure to find a park run in an area local to you, so check it out on the internet and head to a local park or beach on a weekend morning to meet some likeminded families and to enjoy yourself in the open air. You’ll soon be beating your own family best time!

These are just some of the ways in which you can get fit with the whole family. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring – you can all have a lot of fun as long as you choose an activity that you can all enjoy. Have fun!

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