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Facts Every First-Time Cat Owner Needs To Know

It may come as a surprise that 30.4% of U.S households own a pet cat, according to the AVMA. Many families opt to get a cat as their first pet as they’re perceived as being less hard work than a dog. But, even though cats don’t need daily walking, they still require a considerable amount of love and attention. So, if you’ve just added a cat to your brood, make sure both you and your kids understand these crucial cat ownership tips.

Not all cats are the cuddly kind
Having adopted their first pet, your kids will undoubtedly be overjoyed to have a furry companion to cuddle and play with. While some cats love nothing more than cuddling up with their humans, others prefer to do it on their terms. Make sure you all spend time getting to know your new kitty before attempting to scoop him or her up for constant cuddles. It’s also advisable to provide your cat with a safe place that he can retreat to when the kids get too noisy. An elevated perch or cat tree are the perfect options for any kitty in need of a break. If your cat seems to be a bit put off, you might want to introduce cat treats CBD to help them feel at ease.

Good quality food is a must
Your cat will require a nutritionally complete cat food. There are a considerable amount of brands on the market, however, you should opt for one which has as many high-quality ingredients as possible. Keep an eye out for low-cost brands which are packed full of wheat as these offer little nutritional benefit to felines. You should also regularly check the news as pet food recalls are fairly common. At the end of last year, one pet food brand was recalled due to it missing the essential vitamin thiamine. So, to ensure your kitty is kept in the best health possible, careful consideration needs to be taken every time you scan the aisles for pet food. 

Cats need potty training, too
Many cat owners believe that cats simply know where to go to the toilet and that they don’t need to spend any time training them. However, just like dogs, cats need to be taught where they should and shouldn’t go. Make sure you provide your cat with a clean litter box in a convenient location, away from his eating space. You’ll need to fill the tray with a good quality litter that will encourage your kitty to want to go to the bathroom. Reviews from Pawster show that their overall best cat litter pick is a scented clumping litter. Cats typically need the bathroom within 30 minutes of eating. So, be sure to schedule regular trips to the litter box with your cat during this period so that your kitty gets used to where he needs to go. Modkat litter box is sturdy and it's a perfect addition to make the potty training easy.

Exercise isn't just for dogs
Cat owners may think they’re lucky because they don’t need to head outside in all weathers to walk their pet. However, Live Science reports that 60% of the country’s cats are obese. This means there are millions of cats who are more than 20% above their ideal body weight. Obesity in cats puts them at risk of diabetes mellitus and osteoarthritis, among other conditions. So, you and your family need to work together to ensure that your kitty engages in physical activity every day. Enticing your cat with toys on a stick will encourage them to jump around, while toy balls made for cats are good fun to chase after.

Cats are a great choice for first-time pet owners. But, make sure you avoid making common first-time cat owner mistakes by getting all the family to follow these tips.


  1. We're really lucky that both of our cats are the "cuddly" type. :)

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