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Cellular Well-Being is Elysium Heath’s Mission

We tend to overlook cells. Our focus is usually on our organs when we develop an illness or when we get a medical diagnosis. We don’t realize that our cells are the creators of our organs and they need the right proteins. After all, it can be difficult to identify with the microscopic building blocks of life.

Research scientist and MIT professor, Dr. Leonard Guarente decided he would dedicate an important part of his life to providing effective, scientifically-backed health products to consumers.

Dr. Guarente is one of the leading aging researchers in the world. Dr. Guarente, along with Dan Alminana and Eric Marcotulli, decided to offer the supplement Basis through their company, Elysium Health, founded in 2014. New York-based Elysium Health’s focus is on cellular wellness.
The aging process is all about the cells losing their capacity to keep their NAD+ levels at the optimal amounts.

Knowing that an NAD+ supplement could help aid consumers in living healthier lives, Elysium Health developed a product called Basis. Basis is a clinically-tested supplement proven to increase levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ decreases as we age.

If you want to give the product a chance, buy a $60 bottle; if you like Basis after giving it a chance, go for the $50 bottle subscription. But remember, $270 will buy a six month’s supply. That’s a better deal. But Elysium Health is not trying to hang a carrot out in front of you. It’s just cheaper to sell multiple bottles.

As we all know, growing old can’t be reversed, but you can focus on your wellness at any age and give your cells what they need to function properly. Basis is designed to help your cells function like they were intended. Dr. Guarente isn’t looking for a cure for a sudden cure for aging and Elysium Health doesn’t claim Basis will stop the aging process. What Dr. Guarente and his Elysium Health team do say is, Basis is proven to increase NAD+ levels in your cells.

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