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Bridesmaid Dresses: Consider Shape of Your Body While Selecting a Dress

Finding the best bridesmaid dress is not an easy task. You have to consider fabric, body types and your skin tone. You can’t squeeze women of different sizes and shapes into similar clothing. Fortunately, mixing and matching trends can make your life easy. Trendy bridesmaid dresses are available in different colors and shapes. You have to find a suitable dress as per the body type of your bridesmaid. Here are some neutral dresses for a bridesmaid that look good on different skin tones and bodies.

Straight Body Types

If your waist and hips are relatively the similar sizes, you have an undefined waist. Cameron Diaz is an excellent example of the straight body. For a straight body, you can choose a dress that can fit your body. Some women rock in an empire waist, while others can wear a dress that can create curves.

Apple Body Type

A girl with apple body type has a waist and ribcage wider than shoulders and hips. Adele has an apple body type. For this body type, you can choose between wrap dresses and empire cut. If you need extra weight in hips/waist, pick a dress with empire cut to create a beautiful illusion of curves.

Dresses for Pear Body

If your body is bootylicious, you have a pear body. People with pear-shaped body have muscular thighs and hips and slender shoulders. Kim Kardashian has a pear-shaped body. With this body, you can buy a maxi wrap and transparent neckline dress. These dresses look beautiful on pear-shaped figures.

Hourglass Body Type

If your hips and shoulders are of similar size and waist is defined, you have an hourglass figure. Celebrities, such as Kate Winslet or Scarlett Johansson have identical body types. You can buy cheap bridesmaid dresses for an hourglass figure. Purchase a body-hugging outfit with sweetheart necklines or v-necklines. If you are not happy with a tight dress, you can purchase loose dresses.

Triangle Inverted Body Type

In this body type, you have a prominent bust just like Pamela Anderson. In this body type,your top portion is larger than the base part. For this body type, your shirt size will be larger than pant size. For triangle inverted shaped body, you can select an A-line dress and voluminous skirt. You can show off your shoulders in a sleeveless dress. Moreover, you can flaunt your body in a sweetheart neckline.

Colors for Bridesmaid

Choose a complementary and coordinated dress for your wedding. Neutral dresses can be safe for everyone. Nude, champagne and taupe-hued gowns are ideal for each season. They look delicate and beautiful.  Avery Austin offers a variety of dresses that everybody can choose from.

Moreover, you can choose mauves, muted orange or pale lavenders dresses to make an ideal statement. These colors look elegant in spring weddings. Dusty blue or dark blue can be great with summer flowers. For a winter wedding, you can try a bridesmaid gown in dark blow. Choose sleek materials for luxurious and rich combinations. Navy blue or royal blue looks elegant at summer weddings.

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