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Breastfeed with Medela for #22Victories

Thank you to Medela for the products. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

New moms: Nursing is not easy, nor is it for everyone. I have nursed both of my boys and finding clothing that is functional and comfortable has been challenging. Medela shared some nursing apparel and it has been the most comfortable that I've found while also being easy to use. Breastfeeding real talk: 25% of moms who intend to breastfeed don't make it past the first 3 weeks. Medela's newest campaign is #22Victories which encourages mothers to breastfeed for 22 days if possible. Medela wants to hear your story @Medela_US and tag it with #22Victories.
I had Hendrix through a C-section, almost an emergency C-section. His heart rate had dropped drastically then miraculously elevated again, but we decided to do a C-section anyway for fear his heart rate would drop again while I was trying to push. Before giving birth,I was planning to breastfeed if it worked, however, I was open to bottles if that happened to be the only way.

I had heard a wide variety of stories of breastfeeding successes, frustrations, and stories where it simply was not working either due to latching issues or milk supply issues. 

Hendrix did not latch right away, then when he did, it was not a good latch. Fortunately for me, my lactation consultants in the hospital encouraged me and were solution oriented. They had me try a nipple shield to help Hendrix latch more effectively. 

The nipple shield worked!

It worked and he started nursing regularly. This helped my milk come in and my supply was up and running. I had to use the nipple shield every time I nursed for about a month. It was an extra step, but I knew I wanted to try to breastfeed if I could make it happen. Hendrix naturally weaned himself at 12 months.

Maverick actually started the same. He did not want to latch on right after I had him until I had a nipple shield, but I only really needed it while I was in the hospital. I was also fortunate that my milk supply came in quickly. Maverick is 10.5 months old and I'm still nursing, although the 8 teeth he already has makes it painful sometimes. 

Pumping for me was minimal with both boys. I was able to get the Pump In Style®Advanced pump through my insurance. I pumped when Jon and I would be gone on a longer date like to a concert, but Hendrix never took a bottle. I would still pump in case, but he was stubborn. We also never pushed for him to take a bottle regularly either. I will say, though, that the pump I used was effective, easy to put together, and easy to use. I can only imagine how nice the new PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields® are and how much more effective.

For all those exclusively pumping mamas, I salute you. Keep up the great work as I think it is so difficult. 

My story is not like others I have heard. Some lactation consultants have been harsh and judgemental, some milk supplies aren't coming in as they should, or it just isn't for everyone. Medela is hoping everyone will at least try for those first few weeks and make it #22Victories. 

Medela's nursing apparel is so comfortable. I was actually skeptical about the Sleep Bra, but it proved me wrong. It is like the most comfortable sports bra you'll wear, but for nursing. The fabric easily pulls down to make nursing easy at nighttime or any time of day if you're wearing it comfortably around the house. 

The Cami is one of my favorites. Every nursing mama should own one. It not only unlatches and latches easily, but the Cami itself provides support around the belly. This is very helpful after a C-section. 

The Comfort Bra is also very comfortable and easy to use. The bra is not padded and is also very easy to latch, unlatch, and pull down the fabric for nursing. 

All of the Medela apparel makes nursing any time of day easy for me and my little. 

Medela has recently launched the PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields®, which boast helping moms pump more milk 11% faster. The unique oval shape helps adapts to any breast shape and size, allowing for supporting the pumping of the maximum amount of milk. There are four sizes available: 21 mm, 24 mm, 27mm, and 31 mm, and all work with Medela breast pumps.

Along with the new PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields®, Medela has also made an around-the-clock lactation service called 24/7LC. This is available through the MyMedela app. 

The MyMedela app also has lots of other resources and trackers for you. The first few months with a newborn can be rough with the sleep deprivation and trying to figure out how to care for a new baby. The MyMedela app helps you keep a record of when the baby was fed, diaper changed, sleep patterns, and more. I used a tracker with Hendrix and it helped me so much; I didn't have to rely on my exhausted brain to remember all the details. When the pediatrician asked me how many wet diapers he was having a day, it was easy for me to reference my tracker. 

With the purchase of Sonata® and Freestyle®, moms will get 30 days free; discounted 30-day access is included with the purchase of Pump in Style® Advanced Starter Set. All moms can also get a 25 percent discount for 24/7 LC by signing up for The Moms’ RoomMoms can continue beyond the 30 days for as long as she needs. 24/7 LC memberships are available in one ($79), three ($117) and 12-month ($156) increments, during which time lactation support calls are unlimited.

Want it? Buy it!

Medela has so many other amazing products if these don't interest you. Check them out or refer them to any mamas you know when babies. 

Having a baby is hard. Nursing is hard. 
Caring for a tiny human who is solely relying on you is hard. 

Medela also offers more resources for mamas. 


Moms, however you're doing it, you're doing well. The days can be long, I know, but remember you are not alone. It wasn't until I started talking to other moms about my experiences that I realized I was not alone in my moments of high emotions or tears because my baby wouldn't stop crying. 

Let's support each other and really listen to each other's stories. I'd love to know yours. 

Share here or with me on Instagram @boymama0209. Tag @Medela_US with the hashtag #22Victories.

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