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Brazilian Facelift Kit #Giveaway

When it comes to wrinkles and skin firming, women want a regimen that delivers immediate results. They want to feel and see it working. Brazilian Skin has come into the beauty scene with, what is poised to be, the next cult favorite.

The line contains a powerful combination of nature and science from ingredients derived throughout Central and South America. With a board of advisors that includes Dr. Andrea Godoy; the Brazilian Dermatologist of choice for former Victoria’s Secret bombshells Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros, Brazilian Skin’s Facelift Kit offers a simple daily 3 step system that radically reduces wrinkles, tightens, and firms skin erasing 10 years within 2 weeks.

Keep reading to learn more about this company and the products that make up the Brazilian Facelift Kit. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the giveaway!

The Facelift Kit retails for $229.00, each serum in the kit can be purchased individually. To understand what makes these serums so special, we must first look at their ingredients, and more importantly the dosing and combination of them.

“When people apply Brazilian Skin serums and feel their face tightening and see the transformation within a minute, they immediately ask me what the ingredients are and how is this even possible, explains,” Dr. Godoy. “After 2 weeks of use people are amazed at very specific skin improvements such as reduced scarring, breakouts, lines and wrinkles. This is due to the effective collaboration of ingredients at clinical levels,” she adds.

Key ingredients found in Brazilian Skin’s serums include:

Acmella Oleracea or “Jambu” a plant extract found to have very similar, short-lived effects to Botulinum Toxin. “This is the “magic” ingredient that gives the user the tightening sensation, so they feel it and see it working. When used regularly, elasticity is significantly improved,” explains Dr. Godoy.

Magnesium Aluminum, a naturally occurring mineral derived from purified and refined clay, which tightens and smooths the appearance of under-eye puffiness, sagging, and fine lines.

Camu Camu contains more Vitamin C than oranges. Obtained from berries, it serves as a superfood for skin. “Here you’re getting a lot of ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant that protects skin from free radicals. This is what addresses acne scarring and dullness due to sun damage,” explains Dr. Godoy.

Acacia Gum which is extracted from the sap of the Acacia Tree is another ingredient that tightens, firms and smooths skin at the same time giving skin a younger, supple appearance.

Snail Mucin which seals in moisture and allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin very well, also diminishes fine lines and has incredible healing capabilities which address acne scars, sun spots and dry spots. “This ingredient is incredibly powerful for skin healing and some doctors recommend it for those who may react harshly to Retin A,” says Dr. Godoy.

Snap 8 Peptide works to smooth away the look of wrinkles and expression marks. This is particularly effective on the forehead and around the eyes.

Stem Cell Complex are found in the forms of (Euterpe Oleracea (Acai) Fruit Extract, Perilla Frutescens (Chinese Extract) and native to the Amazon Rainforest, the Acai Palm Tree renowned for its ability to thrive in harsh conditions. The Chinese Basil Plant is rich in Rosmarinic Acid, which is known for its ability to plump up tired skin. These 3 antioxidants help to defend against oxidative stress by effectively disarming radicals.“ Stem cells are a powerful skin defender against stress. This slows down aging as stem cells divide and spread out to replenish other cells or reach other damaged tissue for repair,” explains Dr. Godoy.  

Brazilian Skin’s Facelift Kit $229

PRICE: $99.99
This powerful rejuvenating serum immediately tightens skin and smooths lines, leaving skin more radiant. The curated, scientifically proven and clinically tested ingredients in this Brazilian skincare formula, helps to hydrate, smooth, soften, and increase your skin’s elasticity. In addition, skin gets nourished, restored and hydrated by consistent use of this serum.

Key Benefits
The powerful synergistic ingredients in Bratoxin have been shown to:

Tighten and smooth the skin immediately
Reduce barcode wrinkles and bitterness folds within minutes!
Diminish the depth of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes
Smooth and redesign the lip contour
Increase skin Moisture levels by 51.4% after 24 hours
Provide exponentially more Vitamin C delivered into the skin, as well as Ferulic Acid
Protect against Oxidation and Reactive Oxygen Species scavengers

Daily Application morning and evening. Apply 2 to 3 drops at a time, then gently massage into skin.

STEP TWO:  BRATOXINSTA® The 60 Second Smoother of Lines and Wrinkles
PRICE: $59.99
The formula in Bratoxinsta® contains stem cells from the Acai Palm Tree, Basil Plant, and White Oak Plant. In addition, 6 bioactive peptides help smooth the appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles by supporting the proteins that weaken with age. These active ingredients work synergistically with the peptides to deliver vital phytonutrients and antioxidants.
Another unique ingredient in Bratoxinsta is Chondrus Crispus (Seaweed) Extract also known as Irish Sea Moss, which contains a hydrating, nutrient-rich blend of vitamins and trace minerals such as sulfur, iodine, magnesium, and selenium. 

Key Benefits
•        Instantly smooths the appearance of fine lines
•        Sculpts facial contours
•        Lifts and tightens

How Bratoxinsta Works
Bratoxinsta is comprised of clinically dosed ingredients which have shown to work to tighten the skin instantaneously. Some of Bratoxinsta’s ingredients will help to tighten the skin on the surface, helping to smooth fine expression lines and blur the appearance of wrinkles. Once applied, the powerful active ingredients will start working on getting your skin smoother, tighter, and more youthful-looking with every use. 

Simply dispense a small amount on to your fingertips and feather it throughout fine expression lines, and wrinkles. Wait about a minute to start feeling the tightening effects of Bratoxinsta. Wait for it to set before applying makeup. Apply to a clean and moisturized face.

Price $69.99
Brazilian Skin's Potent Açai Triple Stem Cell Complex Mask is an overnight mask application crafted with an innovative, breathable, and nourishing film ingredient that functions as a transdermal penetration medium to facilitate the complete absorption of the “Grams Triple Stem Cell Complex.”

This remarkable complex uses the latest stem cell technology to derive powerful actives from Acai Palm, Chinese Basil, and White Oak resource materials. These derivatives impart antioxidant, protectant, and anti-aging benefits. For ultimate results, apply the mask just before bedtime & leave on overnight.

Key Benefits
∙       Transparent, Odorless & Non-Greasy Overnight Film
∙       Outstanding breathability, water and rub resistant
∙       Anti-Oxidant + Anti-Aging Benefits
∙       Complete absorption into the skin

How the Acai Mask Works
The mask uses a delightfully smooth and transparent base ingredient called Baycusan®. This serves as the perfect medium to hold and sink the active ingredients into the skin. It exhibits a non-greasy, non-sticky skin feeling and is odorless. Baycusan’s outstanding water resistance and rub resistance ensures that the mask sits comfortably on your skin and stays there.  This is also beneficial should you choose to leave the mask on while you sleep, as the mask won't rub and fade off. Its hydroscopic and breathable barrier properties ensure the skin locks in valuable moisture and breathe uninterrupted.

Daily Application as needed. Apply by smoothing gently over entire face, avoiding eye area. Leave on for 20 minutes until completely dry. To remove, apply water and peel or rub off easily. For optimal results and to facilitate the long-lasting retention of the stem cell antioxidant properties to the skin, apply mask before bedtime and leave on overnight.

“Brazilian Skin’s line of serums is really ideal for a woman who wants
significantly visible transformation in less than 10 minutes. The results   are truly remarkable. The women who try it are instantly amazed,” says Dr. Godoy.

Meet Dr. Andrea Godoy- A leading Brazilian Dermatologist
After graduating from the University of Medical Sciences of Santos in Brazil in 1999 with a Specialist Medical Degree in Dermatology, Dr. Godoy has spent years discovering the most cutting-edge technologies and treatments to keep her patients looking young and beautiful. She has traveled all over the world attending countless workshops, conventions and pieces of training (i.e. the Photo Dynamic Therapy in Milan, 2005.)
As a top Dermatologist for Brazilian Supermodels, Dr. Godoy has also co-authored “Foundations on Dermatology” and “Treatise on Dermatological Surgery, Cosmetic and Laser.”

Want it? Win it!

One lucky reader will win the Brazilian Facelift Kit, valued at $229.00!
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Special thanks to our friends at Brazilian Skin for making this giveaway possible! 
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  1. The sides of my face and my chin.

  2. My oily skin!


  3. drink extra water!


  4. I try to drink as much water as I can.

  5. I have fine lines & wrinkles in the eye area.

  6. I still will occasionally get acne. Drives me crazy.

  7. My best beauty tip would be to increase your water intake. It makes your skin look and feel so much better!

  8. I have forehead creases and the 11's that I'd love to smooth out.

  9. I walk my eyelash curler down my lashes to prevent the 90 degree curl.

  10. Another beauty tip would be to use lots of moisturizer, especially during the winter!

  11. I use SPF daily. I wish I had started as a teenager.

  12. Always remove make up before bedtime.

  13. I double cleanse at night. The oil removes all waterproof makeup and sunscreen. The second cleanse removes any remaining dirt.

  14. I take off my makeup every night.

  15. I use a great nighttime moisturiser.

  16. I"m just old I think I'm 34 but whatever you can do to help me I would be so appreciative.

  17. When my skin gets flaky/dehydrated, I use a facial oil as an occlusive to keep the moisture in. It works every time.

  18. I'm awful at doing the eyeliner flick/cat eye. Those new pizza-cutter liquid eyeliners are my hack for getting a sharp line.

  19. I do a version of the 10-step Korean beauty routine. Some days it's more steps than others, depending on what I need to address. It has been a revelation.

  20. To prevent my skin from becoming dehydrated/flaky, I use a night cream with ceramides and fatty acids.

  21. I use a microneedler to help stimulate collagen.

  22. It's important to drink plenty of water.


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