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Beat the Winter Fashion Blues with High Style Options from Marleylilly

I partnered with Marleylilly on this post. All thoughts are my own.

What's the best way to beat the winter blues? This time of year can be so dreary and grey, not to mention cold. Most days, it's so easy to want to stay curled up in a blanket and want to hibernate until sunnier days and warmer weather comes our way. There are so many ways to enjoy the winter months, though. One of the ways I get through these long, cold months, it to have a lot of fun with fashion and playing around with apparel, jewelry, and accessories.

Have fun with winter fashion

I get it. It's still cold out, though. How can you have fun with your personal style, creating different looks, when it's so darn cold out? I have found that investing in outerwear and layering different articles of clothing can really help you achieve smart, fun, stylish, and practical looks.

As far as must-have pieces of outerwear go, of course, you need a good coat, and a lighter, perhaps more casual jacket. I have a couple of nice coats that can be dressed up or down, a rain jacket, and then a casual winter coat that can be broken down into different layers depending on the weather.

Invest in layering pieces & start with a good vest!

Over the past couple of years, I have discovered a love for vests. I live in North Carolina, where winter weather can be brutally cold, or mild and spring-like. Having a couple of vests that I can incorporate into my wardrobe helps me to achieve certain looks while allowing me to add or remove extra warmth if and when needed. While I like having a sporty and sort of casual vest, I also like to have one or two nicer vests in my collection, which I can dress up or down. My current favorite is the gorgeous Monogrammed Herringbone Vest from Marleylilly.

This vest is just lovely! I love herringbone- it's such a classic pattern, and in black and white, you can't go wrong. The piping along the edges of the vest really make the pattern stand out. The gold-toned zipper adds a little element of bling to an otherwise simple, yet elegant piece. If you love pieces with pockets, you will love the deep pockets on this vest. It's also lined, and warm, but not too warm.

Mix & Match for a look all your own

Black and white is a go-to combination for me, and I tend to gravitate toward darker colors and jewel tones, especially during the winter. Just because you're wearing black and white up on top, doesn't mean that you have to go with black or white on the bottom. Black and white works well with dark denim, so you can still wear your favorite jeggings or skinny jeans with this adorable vest. For an even bolder look, go for a pop of color on the bottom, like burgundy... one of my favorite colors to wear in fall, and then again in January and February!

To really make a look with this vest all your own, add your monogram. You can personalize any item from Marleylilly with your name, monogram, initials, etc. This makes personalizing your favorite pieces easy peasy, and makes gift-giving easy, too!

I'm self-employed, and I never know where my day is going to take me. I run the morning school-drop-off, head to the office, run errands, pick kids up, and then get into whatever's left on my agenda for the day, which sometimes includes meetings, rehearsals, and other activities. I never know who I might bump into, what type of situation might open the door for a business opportunity, etc. I try to make sure that I look put together, even when keeping is casual. Marleylilly's apparel and accessories make it easy to have fun with stylish looks that will keep me comfortable, warm, and classy-looking all year long.

Want it? Get it!

Head over to Marleylilly to check out all of their beautiful monogrammed gifts and apparel. Be sure to connect with them on Facebook and IG so you never miss out on new items, discounts, sales, and more!

Want more style tips?

I love to share my fashion finds! Let's chat winter fashion in the comments or on social media. Come and find me over on Facebook @mommysblockparty or on Twitter or IG @mommysblckparty.

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