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Alcatel 7- The Smart phone You Need that Won't Break the Bank #MBPHGG18

Thank you to our friends at Echomedia and TCL Communications for providing The Alcatel 7 smart phone for free in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts are my own.
In this generation having the new most current phone is as important as having the newest trends in clothing, but it comes at a price.  Smart phones are expensive and every year a new one comes out with newer features that we all seem to think we need, but at what cost?
 Introducing Alcatel 7- In partnership with Metro PCS- this smart phone is $179.99 retail and $129.99 when you sign up with MetroPCS.  I know I was not expecting this phone to wow me at such a low cost but I have to tell you it has.
I received the phone for review on 12/22/18 and while that is not a very long time to get all the ins and outs of the features this phone has I can say what I see I love!

I am not an Iphone girl- My personal phone is powered by android and my work phone is an Iphone and I much prefer the android based system.  The Alcatel 7 is android based so this is the first plus in a line of many pluses.  

Pros- What I like
1.The preset programming that comes with many phones is obnoxious- half of them I will never use but cannot turn them off or make them not interrupt how the phone works.  This smart phone does not boggle you down with unwanted applications that run constantly in the background.  There are no "forced" on you applications that inhibit the device.
2. The battery lasts for over 24 hours- Now most smart phones start out with a long lasting battery but slowly start to get slower as you add more applications or use the device for more things.  This phone does not.  From a full charge over 12 hours ago the battery is still at 96%.  I have used it to play on social media and to read on the kindle app for a large part of my day.
The device boasts an approximate 28 hours of talk time and approximately 10.5 hours of  non-stop video streaming.  It does not disappoint.
3. The screen is large without being obscenely large.  The phone is lightweight and does not get overly hot with constant use.
4. Easy to set up- Does not force you to grant permissions for programs you may be unfamiliar with.
5. Strong security to get into the phone with options for fingerprint access, key code access, or even face recognition.

Cons- What I don't like
1. The charging cord is short- I have to leave it on the kitchen counter but since the charge is long lasting this is a minimal con on a scale of 1-5 it's a 0.5. 
2. Nothing

Do you have a teenager or a significant other complaining about not getting a new phone this holiday season?  Worried about the cost of getting a new one that will upgrade in the coming year?  I urge you to look into the Alcatel 7.

Want one? Get one!
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  1. Hubby needs a new smartphone, and is looking for one at a reasonable price. This one certainly fits that description, and sounds really nice for the price according to the review.

  2. Michele-I love it. I am using it as we speak. I am very glad my review will help you. If you buy one I'd love to hear your experience.


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