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Your Garden Transformation Sorted

Although it's winter and you might not be thinking about your garden that much, this is actually the ideal time to plan what you are going to do with it and for it so that it is ready when the summer comes around again. Having a garden is something that should be cherished, so here are some ideas to ensure that your garden is transformed from a blank space into somewhere everyone wants to be.

Go Big

When choosing what kinds of plants, you might want to put in your garden to make it look utterly stunning, don’t forget about the trees. Trees will instantly transform your garden into something spectacular, turning it into something that seems a lot more mature and well-established. When choosing a tree go for the biggest you can afford, and more than one if possible (although make sure that where you choose to plant them isn’t going to block out any sunlight in your home or anyone else’s).

If you can’t afford a tree, don’t want one, or don’t have room for one, choose large shrubs instead, ideally something that is already flowering so you can see just how big it’s going to be. Although these will lay closer to the ground, they will still give your garden a more mature feel.

Install A Pond

A pond is a relatively simple feature that you can easily install, especially when you go to the experts at Water Garden and talk to them about the best way to do it. A water feature can be the perfect, timeless addition to your garden, with many benefits. A pond will attract wildlife, bringing your garden to life, and you can add ornaments and plants to it to make it look even better. And if you are serious about making your own personal pond, head on over to Pond Academy for all the guides to maintaining a pond. The best places for a pond include:

  • Water lily
  • Marsh marigold
  • Water mint

Mark Boundaries

By marking out boundaries within your garden, you will transform the look of it making it appear much neater and tidier, even if the plants within those boundaries are still exactly the same. Simply by adding lines of stones or rocks, a small fence, or perhaps by adding a pathway to differentiate the two different sides of the garden, you can change how your garden looks. The overall effect is a neat, well-proportioned space that will be even more pleasant to spend time with, and when it comes to gardening, the layout will help you work out what to plant and where.  

Create A Focal Point

If you have a strong focal point in your garden, then you will be able to draw the eye towards it. Even if the rest of the garden isn’t looking as you might want it to, it won’t matter (as much) because no one will see it. Only when you want to draw people’s attention to an area of the garden and add a focal point there will it be noticed.

Focal points could include a water feature, a group of containers, or perhaps a statue.

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