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Why It's Best to Get a Tour Guide on a Trip to Ireland

Ireland may only be around the size of the entire state of Indiana but there’s an awful lot to see and do. Using a tour guide or joining a guided tour brings lots of advantages, and definitely helps visitors get the most possible out of their trip; here are just some of the reasons why.

Make every moment count
Organized guided Ireland tours are the best way to maximize the time you have in Ireland. Whether you choose a one day tour, or opt for something lasting a few days, you will see much more than you would if left to work everything out yourself, as tour routes are planned based not just on themes but also around the best routes for both the amount of traffic and maximum scenic views between stops.

A relaxing experience
Unless you are using a walking tour guide your trip will be either by car or coach, and either way means you get to relax and enjoy the scenery, rather than having to hire a car and navigate driving on the other side to usual on unfamiliar roads or haul luggage around on trains and buses. Plus you need to choose and find your destination points, and maybe book tickets ahead. All of these things are taken off your shoulders with a tour guided trip.  

Expert knowledge on tap
Guides are generally passionate about the country and what it has to offer, and in some cases, they are very local too. They are able to share key information about the places you visit, but also to reveal both places and facts that a typical [independent] tourist would ever find or know about.

Good for solo travelers
If you are exploring Ireland independently having a tour guide (and possibly a group if on a larger tour) provides companionship, and the chance to see things you may not have if organizing everything alone.  

Customized options
If there are particular things you want to see not offered on a group guided tour it’s possible to hire a guide to drive you exactly where you wish to go. Bespoke tours are the ultimate tour guide experience as you can choose not just where to go but how long to spend there. Some private tour guides offer tours based on their own hobbies, interests, and passions, such as say a day hiking in the beautiful Irish countryside or a food tour.

You benefit from a guide’s connections
From avoiding an attraction which is randomly closed that day to discounts on the best tickets for an event or performance (or even on accommodation rates), using an experienced and qualified (therefore legitimate) tour guide lets you tap into whatever their particular connections happen to be.

Ireland is always going to be an amazing country to visit and it has something to offer to tourists of all ages and interests, and using the services of a tour guide in any format truly is the best way to experience it.


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