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Why I Went Back to Driving a Honda & Why You Might Want to Consider a Honda, too

When I turned sixteen years old, my uncle drove his old Honda Accord down to NC from NJ, following my grandmother and her friend, who drove down in a different car. I thought it strange that they would come to visit in two cars. The next day, I got the surprise of my life when my uncle handed me the keys to his car, saying 'It's yours now.' I couldn't believe that he drove his car twelve hours so that he could gift it to me. I have a pretty amazing uncle! 

I loved that car so much. I drove it for two years in high school and through my first year of college. It was an '89, and in 2001, it was on its last legs and my parents didn't want to sink money into repairs. I was devastated. My beloved 'White Lightning,' as my friends named my car, would be mine no longer. 

My parents did find me a replacement car, which I drove for a few years until the transmission needed to be replaced a 2nd time. All the while, I missed my Honda so much. I felt so safe and secure in that car, loved the way it handled, and longe to be back in a Honda once again.

Years later, now a mom of two, I am back in a Honda, and couldn't be happier! While I've been toying with the idea of upgrading to a van, I have been so happy in my Honda Fit. It's been a wonderful car for our family, offering lots of space, and I love the way the car feels when I drive it.

Here are some top reasons why you might want to consider buying a Honda:

The Accord has been named car of the year 30+ times!
I don't know about you, but I feel like that's pretty darn impressive. It just received this prestigious award again in 2018, so that's saying something about the car and Honda as a brand overall. Honda doesn't mess around- they care about their customers.

They get amazing gas mileage.
Whether you do most of your driving in town or on the highway, Hondas are notorious for helping you stretch your dollar at the gas pump. They make excellent cars for family travel, work travel, running everyday errands, or commuting.

Perfect for families and pets.
I can attest to Hondas being awesome for toting around kids and pets. I am constantly pointing out to my husband how much more room the back seat and trunk of our Honda has compared to his car of a different make/model, which is also geared toward families with kids and pets.

They're reliable.
I'm continually amazed by how long Honda owners have their cars. My mother-in-law has had her Honda for going on twelve years, and it's still in great shape. Her Honda has been all over the country and has provided us with lots of lasting memories.

They're affordable.
Think you can't afford a Honda? Think again- they're one of the most affordable cars out there which you can buy new from a base price of the low $20,000.00's. Older used cars can also be purchased for much less, and are usually just as reliable and in great shape. Honda owners usually take amazing care of their cars and only trade them in to upgrade to something newer.

I really couldn't be happier to be in my Honda. We'll soon need a larger vehicle, such as an SUV or van, and we'll be looking toward Honda as we upgrade. Honda has never let us down, and we're always excited to see what they'll roll out with next. In the market for a new car? Be sure to consider Honda as you shop around!

This post brought to you by Roberts Honda.

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